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SoftMaple Fall 2001 litter

collar and leash

11/17/2001: The puppies had more visitors today. Its very important for them to get contact with different people at this age. They had visitors around noon. Then they ate and slept real hard. They had another group of visitors at 4pm. Its great to have different people meet the pups.

Dogs that are well socialized are happy, secure, confident pets who will readily interact with all types of people. A socialized puppy will easily play with a wide variety of dogs. He is not afraid of most objects and may be cautious about certain things but he does not panic and he recovers quickly if startled.

The primary socialization period for dogs begins at 3 weeks of age and is diminishing by 12 weeks. Peak sensitivity is at 6 to 8 weeks. Beyond 12 weeks there is a tendency to act fearfully towards new people, animals and situations. Many young dogs will regress or become fearful again if they do not receive continued social interaction as they grow and develop. The 6-8 month period is another important time for socialization.

As you know, the pups have worn collars since the day they were born. Now we are changing to larger, heavier collars. The litter collars were made of a strong paper material.

I suggest you use an adjustable nylon buckle collar or one with a quick release. Puppies grow fast. You should check the collar every day for proper fit.

Psssst! Does this Collar make me look fat?

Make sure the collar fits!

The puppy collar should fit so you can get a couple of fingers under it.
A puppy will often scratch at his collar. This does not mean it "itches" - it just means it feels strange and somewhat uncomfortable.

Getting a puppy accustomed to being on a lead is sometimes one of the hardest and most frustrating parts of puppy training. Many owners make the mistake of forcing the pup to walk while on lead, often pulling them around like a toy!

Don't expect to just snap a leash on your new pup and have him walk nicely by your side. Many times the first encounter with a leash is having a stranger (new owner) tower over the pup, hook something heavy and new to his collar, and start pulling him by the neck. You will end up with a bucking puppy on the end of the leash, trying to go anywhere but with you!

Take your time introducing your dog to a leash. He should always associate it with a happy experience. Use friendly enthusiasm as you place a lightweight leash and collar around your dog's neck. When he is ready, walk around the house with him without placing tension on the leash. To avoid accidents, never leave him alone with the leash attached to him. Try using treats, pat your leg, get down to his level or use a toy to lure him at first.

Shown here are:

nylon slip or choke collar
nylon buckle collar
chain choke collar
tandem coupler
nylon leash
leather leash
show leash
bark collar
flexi leash

On to 11/18/2001 (day 41)
CH SoftMaple's O'Dark Thirty SH WCX CD CGC CR-536G27M-T OFA cardiac, CERF (Jet) to CH Charwin Evensong WCX JH CGC CR-CA22/41F/C CR-480F35F CERF (Gabby)

Puppies born 10/8/2001 ~ 10/9/2001
4 black girls, 3 liver girls, 2 black boys, 2 liver boys.

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(10/10 - 10/11) dewclaws, loss of liver girl
(10/12 - 10/13) Bio Sensor pictures
(10/14) A picture album
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What goes on behind the scenes
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November 10th puppy room pictures
November 11th pictures. Are those feathers in your mouth?
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Week 6
11/14/2001 A puppy outing
The puppies go on a picnic!
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11/22/2001 Happy Thanksgiving!
11/23/2001 First Shots
11/25/2001 Splish Splash! First Bath!

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