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On 1/15/2000 made some more changes to #6 & 61 and added 75, 76, &77. I appreciate the update information. Bob.

Hi, On 10/1/99, I have added many notes from old emails to the listing below. Some old email addresses never made it on the original list and are located at the bottom of this list. In the next few days, after I have got all listings made, I will re-alphabatize and renumber the list. Suggestions always welcome. Bob.

Lots of adds on 9/27/99. Please let me know of any changes, errors, duplications, deletions, etc. that I should correct. Bob Iverson. Updated 5/19/99 #2, 6. Updated 6/8/99 added 56,57,58,59,60. Updated 9/27/99 to add #61 thru #68 & modify #6 email address. Updated 10/1/99 #6.

  1. Bob Burton, Alaska,, Writes: Bob, if you made it to Alaska there would be three Coots to look at. Please pass the word, I have Three Coots for sale 1. Coot #1 has 68 miles since new 16 hp twin engine, new 30 x 15 Terra tires and wheels, new rear axle and bearings through out, new paint 2. Coot #2 Four wheel steer, needs new engine and rear body, I have replacement engine and full body. 3. Coot #3 Body in bad shape and engine blown, all other parts intact. I would like $4500 for all three. I had the wheels custom made so there is an offset and the wheels don't rub. UPDATED 10/1/99.

  3. Bob Iverson, Temecula, CA,, Bob has owned his 4WS Coot since 1987. Bob found the Coot in a yard while driving around, stopped to inquire about it, was told it belonged to a recently deceased tennant, the landlord did not know what to do with it, so Bob traded the welder landlord five boxes of welding rod for the Coot. Pretty good deal! Bob's wife has hated welding ever since! Bob has run into Coots by chance (fate) all over the U.S. The yellow 'June Bug' Coot color does stand out when driving with one eye on the shoulder. Bob's spotted them alongside freeways, across freeways, behing buildings, on farms, at farm equipment dealers, all over and most by shear chance (fate)! Bob also has a fancy for any articulated, amphibious or tracked vehicle, all of which stick out like sore thumbs while driving with one eye on the shoulder!

  5. Brenda,

  7., mail coming back undelivered. Updated 10/1/99.

  9. Charles Adams, MN,,

  11. Chuck White, Russell, NY,, Chuck has owned his model 124 SS (2-wheel steer) Coot since 1993!. Chuck's Coot is a 1977, serial number 5052. Tom Schweppe helped Chuck out with the engine change-out from the original Techemseh to the Briggs & Stratton 16hp Vanguard V-Twin! Chuck then helped Todd Mueller (COOTWORLD) with his! Chuck has gotten a few parts from the local John Deere dealer, the parts man (after looking at the manual) said that many of the parts are generic. (updated 1/15/2000).

  13. Darren Beinert,

  15. Dave Dwiers, Southern CA, Writes: Hi Bob, We recently came across an old Coot and we are trying to figure out how to get it back into running condition. The transmission seems to be missing some parts, it needs a carburator, exaust, linkages (throttle and brake) and possibly a couple tires. Would you happen to have any assembly drawings or schematics that might be of some help? By the way that's quite a nice collection you have, they look like a lot of fun. The one we found looks like it's been rolled, how safe are they? I work in the Pomona area but live in the high desert. Is there another Coot group beside the one that you have a link to on your web page? Updated 10/1/99.

  17. David Warren,

  21. Ed Conkling,

  23. Ed Knott,, Ed Knott,, 117 Knott Road, Mayfield, NY 12117. Writes: I have two COOTS, one red, one blue, both are 12HP, 2WD steer, with snow tread automotive type tires. Am building a light bar for one (the sport machine) the other one(red) is the work machine, used to haul fire-wood, and whatever needs hauling! I also have photocopies of manuals available! Ed has drive belts avail. too. UPDATED 9/30/99.

  26. Gayle Wright,, I think they may have sold their Coot. Updated 10/10/99.
  31. Henry,
  32. Ian Abbott,
  34. Jason McCord,
  35. Jim Daniels,,

  37. Jim Lytle, CO,, An original and long-time Cooter, you will see Jim's 'Office on Wheels' photo at the website here along with an account of his Coot adventure to Colorado's highest peak!

  39. Jim Schabell,
  40. John Crager,
  41. John Williams,
  42. Keith Steel,
  44. Larry Dalrymple,
  46. Lisa Nordeen, Texas, parts dealer,
  47. Marc Hood,
  48. Mark Johnson,
  49. Menasco,

  52. Paul Kunz,, Writes: 10/8/99, Former COOT owner. Has some COOT sales info left (Sent the rest to COOT WORLD). Looking for a 4 wheel steer COOT after current large hovercraft project. Building a Sevtec Prospector Sev that is 20 feet long. When done will carry 6 to 8 persons at 35mph cruise speed. E-Mail me at, or, for more info on hovercraft. Member in Hoverclub of America # 1637/4606 and the Hovercraft Club of Canada #230. Or check Out the Sevtec web page at:, Updated 10/10/99.

  54. Randal , AZ, , You will see photos on Iverson's web site of Randal's Coot with a cool, homemade backhoe run be a 5hp Honda motor. Good prospecting Randal! Updated 10/8/99.

  57. Rob Harris,
  58. Roger Petrin
  60. Sheldon Russell,
  61. Stan & Pat McGrorty,
  62. Tammie Bolling,

  65. Thomas Schweppe, Northern Calif.,, Tom is probably the best source for technical tips on the Coot! I think he has owned 11 Coots, maybe all at one time! If he reads this, maybe he will correct me if I am wrong! Tom's a great help! Tom replaced his orig. with a Briggs 16hp vanguard. It fit good and runs great. Tom has parts and Coots for sale from time to time. You will see photos on this site of his nice machines. Updated 10/1/99.

  67. Tina Marshall,
  68. Todd Mueller, WI,, Todd has a fantastic Coot website at:, with tons of pictures and information. Todd owns a Max ATV and a Coot. Todd is a university student with a minor in ATV's! updated 10/10/99.

  72. Will Crook, Indiana,
  73. Wilson Farnham,
  74. Yvan Cathy, Canada,
  75. Patrik, Sweden, ,, Patrik owns a 4 wheel steer with a 2 cylindar 36hp diesel engine, propeller, was used to clean lake grass

  77. Charles Cornett, P.O. Box 585, Tiffin, OH, 44883, ,, Charles is a recent owner and is in need of Apex tranny info & parts

  79. Kevin Lordahl,, Kevin recently got his Coot and thinks it has a 16.5hp Tecumseh. His front gear reducation seal is leaking and also would like a source for OEM tires,

  81. Chris Baum,, Chris has a 1975 Coot which he inherited from his father, not sure what year it is but his father bought it new whenChris was a kid. Now 32 he would guess it was purchased around 1974 or 1975. The biggest problem they always had was vapor locking and the gravity feed gas tank on steep inclines. There is a stripped bolt on the steering assembly under the front seat. Chris wants to know if it is possible to buy new tires? Chris & his brothers have had that Coot in some amazing places. He thought he was deadseveral times but always made it out somehow! His Uncle bought one right after his Dad and was so excited to try it out that he drove it right from the trailer into a pond. The problem was that he forgot o put the plugs in and it sank to the bottom!! It never ran the same after that. We laughed so hard we thought we would die!! We used our Coot mainly for Hunting and hauling out game from remote areas. I swear that thing will go anywhere!! Even through scrub oak six or seven feet tall. It would climb up it until it was almost vertical and them smash it down and roll over it. It would inch its way along like that until we were through! I'm toying with the idea of installing an electric fuel pump with a small regulator to stop the vapor locking and problems with the gravity feed. Any other hints or ideas?,

  83. Wayne, Shasta, CA, or, Wayne and his son recently purchased a Coot from a neighbor and need a motor and transmission & clutch,

  85. Dick Miller, Russell, NY, :, Dick has owned his Model 124 SS (2-wheel steer) Coot since September, 99! Dick's Coot is a 1977, serial number 5044. When Dick got his Coot, it was in pretty rough shape, but Dick, Loch Jeffries & Chuck White, all of Russell, pitched in and did some major repairs to the Coot body, lots of cutting, welding, etc. The original engine was shot, so Dick installed a 10hp Briggs & Stratton Industrial engine. The 10 horse wasn't "just" what Dick wanted, so he replaced it with the Briggs & Stratton 16hp Vanguard V-Twin!, (updated 1/15/2000).

  87. Bill, PA, has an Eagle (like a Coot) which he bought back in 1995. Bill needs a belt to get things running. Any help you can give him will be appreciated. (added 9/27/99).

  89. Mike Hannon, 9980 Pony Ln.Clarkston, Mi 48348 home (248)620-2375, work (800)769-7038, , Mike's father-in-law has a Coot (model #3177?) with four wheel steering, articulated body and a 12 hp engine. The Coot has sat idle at his wife's family's cabin in northern Michigan for 15 years. HIs wife's grandfather bought the Coot (used) in the early sixties (he thinks). He and his father-in-law had a great time together! Needless to say, his father-in-law has very fond memories of the Coot! Mike is interested in restoring this wonderful vehicle for his wife's father but doesn't quite know where to start for parts diagrams, etc. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. (added 9/27/99).

  91. Mike Kirkendall, North Pole, Alaska,, wrote: Hi, Sounds like you're the resident Coot expert! I'm from North Pole Alaska. Lots of Coots in this area...Don't see as many being used since four wheelers came out. I'm wondering if you have any info on changing older units to four wheel steering. We have a Trackster with a 20 HP Briggs Vanguard we use hunting. We also have a Coot that has seen better days, but runs. It has Wide Terra tires on it and is a real bear to turn, hence the interest in four wheel steering. We plan on resurrecting it this winter. I would appreciate any comments you might have about making one RELIABLE! (added 9/27/99).

  93. Bruce Morrison,, wrote: I just purchased a coot september 18th, 1999, it has the four wheel steer and the huge atv looking tires you show on your webpage in the tire options. We were wondering about finding more information on the drive train and stuff. you wouldn't know where to get a owners manual would you. We were wondering if you could put us on the list of email adresses. We are even thinking about a 13hp honda engine to put in. (added 9/27/99).

  95., wrote: We would be honored if you do in fact pass along our a matter of fact can you put us on your list as a "coot owner"....we will be getting our own email shortly but for the time being we are still using my sisters computer. Are biggest concern is that the motor that the previous owner gave us does not fit (it was a snow mobile motor) can you tell me where to obtain a motor...??? Do you plan or will there be any type of coot shows in michigan??? Please advise. (added 9/27/99).

  97. Rourke DeClusin, Redding, CA,, wrote: Hello, I am writing to hopefully get some info on the coot. I just got one and I would like to know if there is some parts available. The thing has a small single cylinder engine. It runs fine. It does have four wheel steering. Do all coots have four wheel steering. I will be fiddling with it and may need some seals or gaskets as I intend to change the fluids. Do you know what type of fluid the differentials/trannys take. It seems to be a very solid machine. I may be interested in swapping it for something interesting. I would appreciate any help that you could provide. I am also in Ca. Up here in Redding. Thanks again. (added 9/27/99).

  99. Mike Hare, L-P Projects Houlton, ME. Tel: 207-532-7361 Fax: 207-532-7541,, wrote: Hello, I have just purchased a used coot. It hasn't any engine or clutch parts on it and I am looking for info on what I need to re-build. Other than this it is in good condition w/ rebuilt gear boxes, new u-joints and bearings. So I would like to restore to original if I can. Can you help? Also would like to purchase some options , such as the propeller, roll bar, etc. (added 9/27/99).

  101. Brad & Sam Aukes,, are the proud owners of the Eagle pictured on Iverson's website. The Eagle looks like a Coot. Added 10/1/99.

  103. CW, Clearlake, CA,, Writes: I bought one at an auction and have been wanting to restore it to asclose to factory as possible. I think the engine has been replaced witha B&S 5hp and other monkey doings. Do you know of any other sources ofinfo? Is Coot Inc. a thing of the past? Clearlake is about 2.5 hours north of San Francisco and 55 miles north of Santa Rosa. When I first started searching for information, I found nothing as I assumed that it was Military because of the type of non directional tires and the fact that it has been painted in camo green. I have been wanting to get a digital camera or scanner if I do I will send you a picture of it. I have been considering removing the transmission belts pulleys and pinch clutch and installing a hydraulic motor with direct chain drive to the drive line. I have no idea what came from the factory as far as the transfer of power to the drive line from the engine and any help in that area would be great. Added 10/1/99. Note: info is from Jan 99.

  105. Frank Mase,, Writes: Thanks for your help. We have managed to locate a Gates belt, now that we know the part number. LNORDEEN1 just replied too with a long list of parts available including a drive belt for $30. My father was amazed at the reach of the web, he (& I) had no idea there were so many COOT admirers left . His coot is great joy to him, and now he knows he'll be able to keep it running for a long time to come. Added 10/1/99.

  107. Josh Gaydeski,, or, Writes: Wed, 06 Oct 1999, My dad bought a coot last year and we use it a lot. It has a 10 horse Tecumseh motor in it right now but it runs so poorly that we are puting a 40 horse snowmobile motor in it. We also have a full roll cage on it. One problem is that whenever we steer the front tires they slide forward. Is this a problem that every coot has? If not do you know any way that I can fix it? I am also looking for an owners manual, any idea where I can find one? Added 10/8/99.

  109. Art and Jan Lingenfelter, Corry, PA.,, We have owned an older model (about 20 years old) for 8 years. We have had some engine problems and have not been able to get to the bottom of the problem. A friend of ours is going to see if he can fix the problem. He had never seen a coot before and was impressed. He is interested in using ours as a model to try and build one for himself. Do you know of any plans out there that can be purchased? Thanks. Added 10/10/99.

  111. Loren Cole,, Owns a Coot and thanks to Tom Shweppe Loren was able to get the parts they needed to get their Coot rolling again, added 10/10/99.

  113. Martin, Fairbanks, Alaska,, Martin writes: This is Martin in Fairbanks Alaska and a proud coot owner. I have a 444S age unknown. I noticed that a number of owners were looking for parts and have a couple phone numbers that may help. Totem Equipment in Anchorage Alaska 907-276-2858 ask for JW and a fellow I think is in Texas who bought the inventory when coot went out of business, Don at 512-267-2106. I'm also curious about the croco you have posted? I've also heard a number of people putting in larger engines and believe that is a mistake! mine has the original engine and does fine and believe that a larger engine puts undue stress on the drive system. I have really enjoyed your page. Hope this info helps others. (added 1/15/2000).


  115. Kathleene & Chuck Guns, Algonac, Michigan,, Chuck and Kathleenwrite: I need help! Need info on a Coot , Body # 3177 Pat# 3426720 Tecumseh 12HP engine. Would like to locate a manual. (added 1/15/2000).

  117. Scott Schaffer, Freeland, MI,, Scott writes: I own a 1971 124ss that my father bought new. I currently live in Freeland which is near Saginaw. Please pass along any links to coot owners that are in this area. It would be nice to be able to talk Coot in Michigan . (added 1/15/2000).