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You'll read it here first.

June 2001:

Oh boy, I know I've been on an extremely long hiatus, and it's been about 2 years, in all honesty since I've pdated the page. I do, however, have a good excuse, I had a baby! I promise to update this page ASAP, I didn't even realize that people were still coming to see it, and that so many people had signed the guestbook...I'm so behind! But I guess that's what comes with motherhood... p>January:

Happy New Year! And a good new year it was--Being John Malkovich was up for a whole slew of Golden Globes... congratulations Spike!

Look for Spike as a cover boy on the new issues of Face and Res magazines. Res has a really great article on Spike, so I suggest you pick it up and check it out.

I guess Spike has his own private screening of Three Kings with the President, who said he liked the way Spike played a dumb Texan. They hung around for a little while, Spike gave Bill a Being John Malkovich sticker, and they talked about Iraq and The Graduate.


Spike was supposed to start work on a paranormal cop seried called "Metropolis" that was to air on the sci-fi channel, but it seems as though he's dropped out of the project to direct more of his time into producing a series on MTV called "Jack Ass".

Spike is super stoked about producing another Kaufman script (the guy who did Being John Malkovich), Human Nature, to start filming this spring. The story is about a young girl who slowly grows fur all over her body and meets a behavioral scientist. About the project, Spike says: "It sounds absurd, but when you read it, it works on so many levels." Video director Michel Gondry is set to direct the film.

Spike and Kaufman must get along really well, because they are also in negotiation to collaborate on an adaptation of the book The Orchid Thief, the true story of a Florida plant nursery manager who was charged in 1994 with stealing rare species of orchids. The film is set to be stewarded by Jonathan Demme's company Clinica Estetica.


As for those who have been emailing me concerning Spike and "remembering his roots". My point is, he doesn't have to do any of what he does at Girl, or wherever. If he didn't care about where he came from, which by that, I meant the skateboard world, he wouldn't be out there giving up a little sweat. Who cares if he's never had to scrounge for change. You can't make a movie or even a skate video without some cash...

Okay, speaking of Being John Malkovich, I'd like to invite those of you who are truly paranoid out there to please visit the site that we are being referred to in the guestbook by Eleanor White.

If you haven't visited it already, the Official Being John Malkovich Site is absolutely amazing, and pretty funny.

Check out the new issue of Jane Magazine where Spike talks about making Being John Malkovich.


The October issue of Big Brother has a two page interview with Spike, which is mostly just goofing around, but it's still a pretty cool read. Also look for Spike in the new Raygun magazine, and the new Spin. Now, when are we going to see Spike as a cover boy?

Check out Spike's biggest movie role to date, as Vig in Three Kings. You can read some reviews at the Dallas Observeror San Fransisco Gate.

If you missed the MTV Music Video Awards, or if you aren't sure what Spike really looks like, he was the little guy (aka Richard Kauffay) who won two awards, most notably for Best Breakthrough Video. He's such a geek, it's great. The performance by the Torrance Dance Troupe w/Spike was hilarious, and definitely a high point to the evening. I wonder, though, why he chose not to take credit for the video along with Roman Coppola, when it is obviously so popular. I guess Spike does it for the fun--and not the notoriety. What a cool guy.

Great news for Spike. It seems that post Y2K, Andy Jenkins' Bend Press is set to release a full colour collection of Spike's photographic work entitled Photo: Spike Jonze . Also in the works are 20 small chapbooks from Lunchbox distribution, an umbrella company for Bend Press, pairing skaters like Mike Vallely and Mike Daily (as well as other authors) with artists such as Spike and Tobin Yelland.


Sofia Coppola has just released her first major film directorial debut. The Virgin Suicides is based on the Jeffrey Eugenides novel, and stars Kirsten Dunst and Kathleen Turner.

It seems as though Spike has met with George Lucas about possibly directing one of the Star Wars prequels, but nothing is in the works yet...He did, however, manage to secure a spot as a Stormtrooper.

Spike's first feature film, Being John Malkovich, distributed by Gramercy Pictures and produced by Michael Stipe's Single Cell Productions, is set to be released on October 29th, 1999. It stars John Cusack, John Malkovich, and Cameron Diaz.

John Malkovich Gets to Play Himself in the film.


Congratulations to Spike and Sofia Coppola who were married this summer, and will assuredly have a bright (and creative) future together! According to Sophia at the Cannes Film Festival: "I've known him (Spike) for six years. People get nervous about planing a wedding, but I figure if you've done a movie, it's easy to do a wedding." (Mr. Showbiz) I've heard that the honeymoon was spent in Bora Bora, Sofia's idea.

If you have any Spike Jonze news or gossip, please let me know!


I am in no way affiliated with Satellite Films or Spike Jonze, and none of the information on any of the pages in the Original Spike Jonze site is necessarily official, although I do strive to get the most accurate information possible. Any grievances and discrepancie should be addressed directly to me.