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All Hail Brak

Hi, my name is Brak. I'm pals with Zorak but not Space Ghost, he's a weenie! At my page you can listen to me talk, or look at pictures of me. I used to be a Space Pirate, but now I'm just dumb as a doornail.

Note: Many of the sounds are in MPEG layer 3 format, download this (for PC) to use these sounds with your current player. l3codecp.exe

Here's a poem I wrote about Space Ghost. Ready, here goes.

Roses are reddie, boogers are greenie.

Corn is cornie, and Space Ghost is a weinee.

Weinee, weinee, weinne!

Zorak likes that one. brakpoem.wav

blowup.wav You can't play in'll blow up!!

girlfrnd.wav I have an imaginary girlfriend.

idont.wav I don't have anything to add to that...

insane.wav I used to be temporarily insane, now I'm just stupid!

pupu.wav My Pupu Platter. Hay Buddy! Hear what made me so dumb!

cook.wav I'm not a cook, I'm a villan.

brakhi!.wav Hey Everybody!

briefs.wav Me and Zorak talk about...briefs

allhail.wav All Hail Brak

brak_zap.wav Hear me get zapped by Space Ghost.

imdumb.wav I'm not as dumb as you think...I'm dumber...

francine.wav Francine is a good puppy...

whybrakstupid.wav Why am I stupid?

wrongbed.wav Someone woke up in the wrong bed...

braklong.wav My monologue.

joke.wav I messed up the joke.

shutup.wav Zorak and I argue...

cannibal.wav I won't get eaten by cannibals...

booger.wav I call Zorak a booger and Space Ghost a hotdog head...

simp.wav Did you watch the Simpsons last night...

brakbath.wav I have to go to the bathroom...

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