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oh boy. dont even make me laugh. this page is soooooo old i cant even get over it. it gives me a headache to look at it! but i still love space ghost and stay up till 12:30 so i can see him every saturday night! :) okay... im gonna TRY to fix this thing up... im also gonna add it to my REAL page that i work on everyday(unlike some pages i know!). so go here and see it! oh boy do i love you guys!

this page is a page made for brak......... space ghost...... ......and the MANtis
hello! I LUV BRAK!!! hes cool! so is space ghost! and zorak is okay. wanna hear the space ghost planet story? well here it goes!
SPACE GHOST: one day I walked into this big shot tv guy I know. He said im really desperate, would you like to host a show. I says im kinda busy saving the world from crime but if the moneys right then buddy show me where to sign.
ZORAK: show him where to sign.
SPACE GHOST: I knew i'd need some co hosts or I would shurly fail. I remembered I had Brak and Zorak locked up in my jail.
SPACE GHOST: I told them all about the show they where happy as can be.
ZORAK: yea right.
SPACE GHOST: The show is Cartoon Planet and the rest is history.
BRAK: rE rE rE rE rE.
SPACE GHOST: Cartoon Planet staring me!
BRAK: aNd Me!
ZORAK: and me!
howdya like it?? its on the space Cartoon Network Space Ghosts Musical Bar-B-Que. they sell it at music stores. if you wanna contact me you can eighter sign my guestbook or send me an e~mail message!
heres a song that brak sang once!!!
BRAK: now, i'm gonna sing a song called"i'm a sock thats dirty"
I'm gonna sing thia song al cappella. That means without music. Its
called al cappella cause once there was this guy, his name was Al
Cappella, who used to sing all the time without music, and people
would say "Hey, al, how's-a come-a u don't sing without music-a??"
BRAK: ALL RIGHT! A-one anna two anna-
Oh, i'm a sock thats dirty,
So I jump into the washing machine
And then into the dryer,
Where I tumble around
And now im dry,
But all alone am I. Hey!
Where is my other sock?
Where is my other sock?
I dont want to be alone,ah-h-h-h-h-h
Oh look! Hes over there!
Once again we are a pair
So its into the sock drawer we go
Where tomorrow we will meet your stinky feet!
Ba-dum-be-dum do do do! Hey!
Doesnt that knok your socks off
ZORAK: Get back in your drawer, sock boy.
heres a thing that wuz on space ghost thats funny!
GHOST: Okay, who let a fluffy?
Zorak: Fluffy?
Ghost: It's mighty smelly in here. Zorak, did you let a fluffy?
Zorak: What are you talking about?
Ghost: Come on, you know what fluffies are!
Zorak: Is that like a pootie?
Ghost: Whats a pootie?
Zorak: You know, pootie. Poo-tie.
Ghost: No, I dont think so. I swear, somebody let a fluffy!
Brak: Shoooo! What died in here?!
pictures??? you wanted pictures???