Pics from Titanic

Check out the awsome pics from the best movie ever made, Titanic!!!!!
Hugging Each Other
Jack 2
Jack 3
Jack 4
Jack 5
Jack and Rose
Jack and Rose 2
Titanic Poster
Jack & Rose Dancing
Rose in the Water
Jack before Boarding Titanic
Jack & Rose looking at drawings
Jack & Rose at the Grand Staircase
Rose before Jumping
Leo at Dinner
Jack 6
Jack & Rose looking at Drawing 2
Jack & Rose in the Car
Jack 7
Jack & Fabrizio
Leo & James
Jack Staring at Rose again
Jack & Fabrizio 2
Rose on the Door
Titanic poster 2
Talking 2
"Ice Berg Right Ahead!!!"
Rose is Surprised to see her Necklace
Jack is Being Taken Away!
Jack & Rose in the Flooded Hall
Pushing Through the Crowed Ship
Jack Holding Rose as Deck Rises
An other Pic of the Promise
Leo getting Directions from James in the Drawing Scene
Jack Looking at Rose while Drawing Her
Rose Posing for Jack
Sunset Flying
Kissing on the Railings