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News For The Curious

December 13, 1998
Hey everyone. For those of you always wondering what's up with me and all that good stuff I decided to make a page on my site to give ya all the inside worthy of knowing info! Sounds pretty good eh? Oh yeah one other thing about this page that I should mention, ok everyone knows I don't come online that often anymore, not that I don't have good reason not to or anything, but anyway I'll come online every other day AT THE VERY LEAST to keep this one page updated so everyone has at least a clue of where I'm at.

Ok... Now for the good stuff right? Right.

First of all for those of you that don't know yet, I have a new boyfriend and he's a local guy for once in my life hehe. Although our ages are just a tad different... well ok there's a 5year difference between us, but he's a good guy and I love him for it. I should be gettin a pic of him soon so any of you that really wanna know what he looks like can see for yourselves, it may be a while though k? Don't be givin up on me hehe.

Ummm lem'me see what else... oh yeah I'm finally gonna get outta absolutely HAVING to take band yet again. Wonder how? Ok, here's what's up...
Starting next year I'm gonna be going to the JVS in the morning for about half the school day. The JVS is a vocational school where I can either get a job after I graduate, goto a technical college, or even a 4 year college. Pretty cool huh? Then my senior year I'll be going to the JVS in the afternoon instead of the morning and I really really won't be able to be in band because I won't even be at the high school durring the class period! Woohoo!!

Hmm... work is goin pretty good, Tuesday is our Christmas Party for work. It's gonna be at one of the owners houses this year instead of at La Pizzaria. I might even end up bringing home a new kitty!!! YEAH!!!
Roger, (the owner that is havin the party at his house), told me when I asked if he was still lookin for homes for the kittens said that he has a white calico with orange, brown, and grey markings on her, and that I can have her if it's ok with dad! I sure hope he says it's ok, she's about 3 or 4 months old now so the dogs shouldn't be too much of a problem This time.

Well, I guess that wraps up the news for now. Look for an update later on this week ok?
Cya Later!

December 21, 1998
4 days til Christmas!!! Yeah!!!! Oh yeah the update on info stuffs!!! Ok, here's the scoop...
Allen, I've found out, is gettin something for each of my family members. Hehe he's so sweet. I told him he didnt' have to get anything for anyone but he doesn't listen.
Hmm had a party here Friday, that went really not so good... if you get my drift. There was a fight, dad got sick, lots of stuff just totally killed it. But hey it happens right? Right.
Never made it to that party Tuesday cause I got sick... that sucked, so now I gotta see about getting ahold of Roger and seein if I can either goto his house and get that kitty or if he can bring it over here or what, ya know?
Hmm according to my clock it's now about 20 til 2, December 22, 1998, and definitly way past my bedtime hehehehe. So I guess that's about it for now.
Later peoples!

December 26, 1998
Day after Christmas and here's the update on what's been up....
Ok I'm sure some of you haven't heard yet, but Allen and I broke up Thursday. It kinda sucked but hey I suppose that's life for ya eh?
He said he wants to go back to being just friends right now... I seem to get that a lot hehe. But at least he's keeping his word about it, might even be going to the movies with me and a couple of my friends today.
Even if he doesn't he's still gonna stop by here sometime today cause he got me and my sibs stuff for Christmas and didn't exactly have time to stop by yesterday. I'm sposed to go see The Waterboy with Adrian (girl), Kat, and Allen if he can go.
I got some cool stuff for Christmas, I got a Cal State Hayward t-shirt and a kitty from my aunt, I got two outfits, makeup, and an earing/necklace set from dad's girlfriend Jacquie. I also got Scream2, the X-files movie, and a travel CD organizer,from dad.
I also got some money from my grandparents in CA.
I guess that's pretty much it on this update. I'll keep ya posted on what's up.

January 17, 1999
Well so much for keeping this updated weekly huh??? Hmm nobody complained so I guess it's ok hehe. Ok now for an update on what's been up in my err life.
I just happened to see Allen AND Mike Friday. How? Oh that's easy, they were "in the area" and decided it was time to stop by and say hi.
I hadn't seen Allen for 2, almost 3 weeks, and Mike I hadn't seen for about a week and a half. They kinda caught me by surprise though cause they came to the pizzaria while I was busy working.
Well, that and I wasn't expecting to see them there. Anyway, they came and picked me up from work later. We came back here to my house, Mike went to play Bloody Roar with my brothers, and Allen and I went upstairs to catch up and all that good stuff.
I told him about my I really don't care about anything anymore, I'm still alive and that's pretty much all that matters, attitude. He was surprised cause usually I'm worrying about this or that.
We sat on my bed and talked for a while. I laid down cause I was dead tired from work and all. I HAD worked late...
He laid down next to me, pulled me close to him and just held me for the longest time... I almost cried... But I didn't, I think that surprised him...
After we were done talking and stuff we came back downstairs and they (Allen and Mike) stayed for a lil while longer then went home.
I'm not sure what's gonna happen now but things seem to be looking up for me again :)