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Sun Rise

Change "starwave.jpg" to the name of your own picture. The width of the applet = the width of your picture. The height of the applet = the height of your picture. Below is the ripple.class file it is really small (4.89k) First download the file and unzip it Now all you need to do is upload the ripple.class file, and your picture. *NOTE* Do not put the ripple.class file or the picture in any subfolder up on your server. (example: /images) Instead put them in the same place as your index.html page (no folder). Now add the HTML code to the page you want the ripple applet on, (remember to change the HTML code to your picture's name, and change the width and height to fit your picture, Now upload your page and smile your done. View your page now you should see your picture and the ripple effect. *NOTE* You can also change the period value or the frames value up or down to get different disired effects. Please feel free to link us if you get this working or at least sign our guestbook letting us know