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(great place nice and clean, but costly)

(lovely island friendly people)

(love the people and thier fashion great beaches)

(If driving thru here keep windows UP
,deers cook on the hwy's there and they don't smell to great)

(Great place good people- i have a son in law from there that
lives here now. We stayed in a little town there only 2 motels,
well it was a experince no phone in room, office closed at 7 i think.
We called it our honeymoon suite, a place we will never forget)

(Nice place stayed one nite,usually we just drive thru here.)

(Love the caverns would love to do the weekend trip someday)

West Virgina
(SkyLine Drive was a great drive Thanks Rick for suggesting it.

( Visited the Habour and the Aquarium spent the full day there stopped by the Hard Rock Cafe for a late lunch and a cool one.)*S*

( (Love the mountains and the friendly people & some gorgous country homes, love the fences.)

(Great place but they have a hard time understanding our accents, their accents are really neat)

(Met some great people there the guy in the liquor store knew i was from Canada when i picked up this certain bottle..*S* He said all Canadians bring one home. We joked and had a good time. Go figure in a liqour store.)
And our tour guide ended up picking locus off me.. (i sure felt special)
Nice guy but he was a Garth wanna be.

( (What can i say been there about 6 times and i'll go back again) Seen most of the attractions i think i enjoyed them more than my kids)

New Brunswick (Canada)
This is a great place, friendly laid back people.
I learned real fast to slow my pace down and not to rush people even at KFC. *S*
Bay Of Fundy is something everyone should experince.
Had some great sea food when we were there.
The style of camping i couldn't get use to. We camp here usually close to water or right near the water. No there it's like a farmers field that they turned into a camp ground.
But we still partied and had GREAT times.

Prince Edward Island
Nestled in the Gulf of St. Lawrence with its endless sandy beaches, and miles of green feilds. We took the ferry over from New Brunswick, watching all the jelly fish in the water i never knew they came in that many colors
Once we got there we drive around all country roads looking at the farms. They still do alot of work by hand, great place. We stayed in a quaint cottage (it was like being a grama's house) it was very homey not like our motels. Very country and laid back. I don't think i could move there, but would be great for a break from the busy life we live. Here we went to a nice restarant on the pier (all you could eat lobster of course)
Great service and friendly people.