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!!!!!!A Page for my Friend !!!!!!


I met Spunky on the We have had a few and many of good laughs.

He is the only person that can make me feel like a old and

ENJOYS it so much.

So i'm a grama now,and i take time to feed the baby and stuff.
Not him it's like BRB got to take my

outside... then BRB got to bring him inside. *grin*..

If he gets upsets you he might look like
but don't worry, most of the time he is smiling on the net anyways.

Spunky At Work

At work he might be on the or pointing his at those poor guys.

He always has his open making sure all is well.

When he gets a little upset all you will see is
Just keep those ear plugs in, he will get over it. *grin*

We can't forget ALL those coffee breaks in a day.

Spunky all the time to keep in shape.

Poor Spunky when THINGS get to him
he has to go for a
That is the only thing that calms him down.
Oh well it's good for his health. *smirk*
Just don't take to many in a day.

Sure is nice to have you back online...
But don't you think your taking to much time off work.... *grin*
Accent??? Who??.

We will have to pick anite to play checkers and have a drink or two.
Or a Monday morning and have a coffee or five. :-)

This is a comment spunky made to me.
"I seen the ad on tv of a and i thought of you
Nice guy.. *grin*


..He always seems to do things the lazy way..*smirk*

Hmmmm well what can I say *grin* !!!!

Other than i have had FUN doing this!!

I guess it will never be done.

"Spunky is alot of Fun !!!!.
If you ever see him around stop in and say Hi"

He loves mail