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Ronald's Page

A gentleman with many addy's.
We met on LOL CHAT close to 2 years ago and have been talking every since.
We have shared many of nice talks. His enjoyment of life & kids are so nice to see..
We all need to be a little more like that .
He is a real gentleman with a lot of class and a real pleasure to spend a evening, and a few afternoons with.
I enjoy your cards and thoughtfulness.. We will have that drink someday.. *S*
You would have made a great dad.
If you ever decide to put that ring on a finger..she will be one very lucky lady.

This summer sure has been a busy one for you dear,
hope you will get some time to relax at the lake house.
Nice to see you getting back online some.
Will be nice when everything from summer settles and
we can have a few of our nice evening talks.

Glad that everything seems to be getting settled over there..
I guess that part about the ring i can forget for now.
Hope you find someone that special lady that will make you very happy.
Looking forward to one of our good old talks.

Update Jan/99
Another year has pasted and we still didn't get to share a drink together.
But looks like it will happen in March..
Really looking forward to having you here and showing you how much fun
you can have in the snow. (freezing your butt off).
You wanted to see snow well this winter is a good one for that.
Sure hope it all works out for you and your friend. It's getting close..
Enjoy our morning smiles that we share, looking forward to many more.
Nice to see you online more often now... :)

Well you found that very special lady.... *S*
I'm so happy for you i have never seen you this relaxed and HAPPY.
Glad that you finally found her.
I feel like i know her from our talks, and if she
is as perfect as you say she is, don't let her go.. *S*
.... She is one very LUCKY lady and a pretty one also..
I know you will make her very happy :-)
I told you along time ago that you deserve the best.
Good Luck my Friend.

Well i finally got to talk to your special lady...
I have to agree dear, she seems like one very nice women.
The both of you seem so very happy. I love it.
I guess March is out for you getting your butt here..
But i'm sure you will be making it here someday soon, after talking to her.

Best of luck to a very happy couple.

This is a page i made from a sunset from his Lake House..