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Ron's Page

Ron: My buddy from NY..He loves to make people smile and does a great job. This is one of my friends that sends me the jokes that I share with you from time to time. I really enjoy getting them and look forward to them. We have had some really good talks over the year. He has brightened my day many of times with his jokes and great sense of humour. He tried to get me into "Traveller" but I just couldn't get into it.. Thanks for all the time you spent with me in there. We always seem to be on at the same time and I always get my good nite with a smile. Oh by the way we will have that coffee some day if you promise not to charge me for those tinted windows. oh yeah, can't forgot about the will be my treat.

UPDATE: Well summer is here and we don't talk like we use to, but we do say everyday, I guess i will have to down load those games so we can spend alittle time together. *S* Tell Willie when ever she wants to talk i'm here...I would love to get her on the net.... (i'm bad)~VBG~

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