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Net Friends

Net friends come and go
But the true ones never leave
They know when you need their open arms.
They don't wait until there is a alarm.

We meet friends that we will never forget, even if they never come back
Those friends that touch our heart in a special way,
just by the little things they say.
Those morning smiles, litte messages and cute little cards that start the day

The Good Nite comments (hugs, kisses, sweet dreams, pleasant thoughts and so much more)
This my friends is what i adore
It might be the cute litte names like (Hon, Sweetheart, Darlin, Sweet Lady, My girl,dear )
And those friends of mine know that i will always be near

It is a shame that so many are into head games
Because all they leave behind is their funny little names.

So when on here look for the postive and you will find that FRIEND
One that you might turn to until the end.
A friend money can't buy, so when you find a true one please don't lie.

Best of luck for all that will find friendship on here