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Memories are something we all have.
"Noone can take them or change them"
They are ours to hold and to cherish.
To shed a tear over or a few smiles.
What ever yours are, hold them close.
Because memories are something we can call our own.
They are ours to enjoy.
"Noone can take them or change them"

We have shared alot of smiles over the years.
We also shared alot of tears some happy others sad.
We shared stoires and dreams.
Happiness and sorrow.
To watch you suffer that last month was hard,
seeing your face and knowing that you wanted to go.
All the great times we shared ,are the times we will share with our grandkids
Remembering how your face would light up when they walked into the room
Your facial expression told it ALL
It's one of those memories that
"Noone can take or noone can change"

burning candle

This candle will continue to burn in memory of a great person.

This page was made for my dear mother-in-law who passed away June/99.
The tears drops on this page are mixed with happy ones and sad ones

But all are there from memories.