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What is Love??

Love of a child nothing can replace.
Love of your spouse the heart is the place.
Love of a true friend is one of a kind.
It's not just a thing in our mind.
Love of parents we understand as we get old.
It's something we cherish and want to hold.
Love of friends we have met online
It's knowing that they are there all the time.
If you find a true friend, treat them like treasures
For it can be one of lifes greatest pleasures


written by:

These URL's have been sent to me by some very special friends

ICQ Love
Thanks to all that sent this

Your Guardian Angel
Thanks Joe

Thanks Chris

Love Potion
Thanks Mikey

Hey You
Thanks Tony

Best Friends
Thanks Ron

My Gift To You
Thanks Harry

Thanks Jacques

You Take my Breath Away
Thanks Larry

This list will grow as i find time to get it all together.
I can not add them all so i try to pick one from each of you
Thanks to ALL for the special friendships we have developed

~Butterfly Kisses~