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ZFrenchman's Page

This is my buddy :-)
My net brother.
A friend for life.

Jacques Z Frenchman:

We met in LOLCHAT and of course moved over to icq and have become good friends, and yep as you can tell his a Frenchman from NewBrunswick Canada. He likes to throw in some of those dam french words, just so i have to get the girls to come over and tell me what he said... *grin* Who knows someday i might shock you and write something back... We have spent a few nites talking over lifes up and downs. Some have more downs that ups..But as long as that smile stays that is a good sign.. ~VBS~ Well i think i met my match for as far as bugging on here goes.. Your good!!! but not the best yet..LOL Hmm did i say best sorry that was a will never get that good.. *big grin* Hope we get that home page started soon, sorta looking forward to adding a few surprises for you. (Nice or should i say cute ones :)
Love your sense of humour ... Looking forward to many more good talks with you.

Well Jacques i guess i should update this.. seeing how you sorta hinted in the guest book. Hoping that all is going well with your job, it will be nice when it's all over, and we get back into our old chats..Been to long...Hope those smiles are still there. Looking forward to seeing your web pages. It's nice that we get to say Good Morning and a Nite just about everyday..Soon time for a heart to heart...Want to see that BIG SMILE back.. Good Luck and Prend soin mon ami. *s*

Update Dec/98
Glad that things worked out for you going back to work...(well in away) Miss our Good Mornings..... Just not the same without you here to bug me. But i guess i'll get use to it. Really looking forward to your visit in July. I feel real sorry for Ron and Danille if we get around that camp fire. Hmmm what is the name of the skunk water you drink, ALPINE...i'll show you what REAL beer tastes like. Do you really think we can put up with each other for 4 days or so.... should be interesting... *grin* And no damn French from you.


Well seeing i have been real busy and don't have much time for updates, my pages are sorta out dated. But before i get a reminder i thought i should get on and write something.. *grin* Well we have spent another fews months having a few or a few to many heart to hearts. :) It was nice getting to talk to your girlfriend. She is one special lady to be putting up with you. *S* I think she might have reason for being alittle upset with you and the net. You being off work for a month and i know you spent alot of time on here. *grin*. Seeing we seem to have talked alot last month. No i'm not bitching....just stating a fact. Thanks for being there for me when i needed someone to talk to. It's been a rough month with mom's sickness. And you made it alittle easier. I will be seeing you online soon so i better close this off. Kinda of wondering what your getting yourself into now. I guess i will hear tonite. *S* I'll be back soon to update.
Oh by the way you like the cute little pic i found. *grin* Just had to put it up. :-)