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Alert's Page


He is ONE of a kind and lives in IN. We met on Powwow about 3 years ago and he still sends me my morning smile..(cards) or a BIG SMILE. We have spent many hours smiling and laughing together..also leaning on each other's shoulder when family gets sick. He's got a HUGE warm heart and a smile to match. His gentle words of encouragement help me when my dad gets sick or anything else that I might turn to him for. It does means so much to me. Thanks for being there..We will be there for each other in years to come. (i hope) A one of a kind friend .
Someday we will to have that drink together. It's been over 2 years and you can still put up with me.
Hmmm not to bad i would say. ~VBG~
Looking forward to meeting you again someday.

Sure glad you and my daughter enjoyed yourself that day.
(picking on me) that's ok....i'll get you back... ~grin~ and you know i will dear.
(she still talks about the time she spent with you.. every dog has it's day and yours is coming
I promise.


Thanks for being there when i needed a shoulder. It's been a rough road for the both of us, as far as love ones go.
Sickness is a hard thing to handle at times. But having a friend like you makes alittle easier to deal with. ~big hugs~ to you my friend
Keep the smiles i think they help (abit)


This was a very hard month for you and I both, watching our loves ones suffer.
The great memories about him will live forever in you.
He was so very lucky to have a son like you.

Wishing you all the best.
If you ever need to talk you know where to find me.
Take Good Care.