The following is a list of the hexadecimal code for for your page, include these codes instead of the name of the color.

000000 101010 202020 303030 404040 505050 606060 707070
808080 909090 A0A0A0 B0B0B0 C0C0C0 D0D0D0 E0E0E0 F0F0F0

F00000 F01000 F02000 F03000 F04000 F05000 F06000 F07000
F08000 F09000 F0A000 F0B000 F0C000 F0D000 F0E000 F0F000
F00000 F00010 F00020 F00030 F00040 F00050 F00060 F00070
F00080 F00090 F000A0 F000B0 F000C0 F000D0 F000E0 F000F0

00F000 10F000 20F000 30F000 40F000 50F000 60F000 70F000
80F000 90F000 A0F000 B0F000 C0F000 D0F000 E0F000 F0F000
00F000 00F010 00F020 00F030 00F040 00F050 00F060 00F070
00F080 00F090 00F0A0 00F0B0 00F0C0 00F0D0 00F0E0 00F0F0

0000F0 1000F0 2000F0 3000F0 4000F0 5000F0 6000F0 7000F0
8000F0 9000F0 A000F0 B000F0 C000F0 D000F0 E000F0 F000F0
0000F0 0010F0 0020F0 0030F0 0040F0 0050F0 0060F0 0070F0
0080F0 0090F0 00A0F0 00B0F0 00C0F0 00D0F0 00E0F0 00F0F0

F0F000 F0F010 F0F020 F0F030 F0F040 F0F050 F0F060 F0F070
F0F080 F0F090 F0F0A0 F0F0B0 F0F0C0 F0F0D0 F0F0E0 F0F0F0

00F0F0 10F0F0 20F0F0 30F0F0 40F0F0 50F0F0 60F0F0 70F0F0
80F0F0 90F0F0 A0F0F0 B0F0F0 C0F0F0 D0F0F0 E0F0F0 F0F0F0

F000F0 F010F0 F020F0 F030F0 F040F0 F050F0 F060F0 F070F0
F080F0 F090F0 F0A0F0 F0B0F0 F0C0F0 F0D0F0 F0E0F0 F0F0F0