If you are starting a web page you will need some basic graphics. I have made a small collection for you so that you don't need to do all the searching for hours and hours that I had to do. Enjoy.

Backgrounds: a small collection of images to use as backgrounds, as well as a test page for each.

E-Mail Images: a 2-page collection of good iimages to use at the bottom of the page so that everyone e-mails you and tells you what a great page you've made.

Under Construction: While building your page you will want to notify people that this is not the finished product. This way you don't look like a schmuck when some of the links don't work, and hopefully early viewers will return in hopes that you have finished.

Image Links: This is the same page listed along the side under "Links". Here you will find a few links to other pages with free graphics for your site.