Global Guild Council

Welcome Guildmasters, guild members and fellow adventurers. Due to the large number of questions being sent my way I have decided that the easiest way to deal with them is to create a temp. web-page.

First let me re-explain my idea. I want to make a council. This council will be a central point for all organized guilds in Ultima. If we can get a large amount of guilds in the council, then with a little luck, a small amount of assistance from a higher power, and a lot of elbow grease, we can bring back more activities in the UO world. As it stands there are not many guilds in which adventuring is anything more than two or three friends running out and seeing what there is to kill in the forest. Fun as that may be, it gets old. Here's where the council will be able to fix this. I'm hoping to organize different events, including:
  1. Quests - with a little help from any GM's we might be able to contact, we can set up quests. Seek out hidden objects to win a prize. Slay a few dragons loose in moonglow. Something where there is more than killing, there's thought required, and skill is not only what the skill menu reads.
  2. Wargames - some guilds object to this and that is fine with me. Not all have to participate in all events. I was hoping to set up mock battles between guilds. This will give people the feel of the fight without the risk of dirty tricks or loosing you favorite suit of armor because those e-bolts hit a little harder than you planned. Rules can be drawn up and in the end all will shake hands, no one is at a loss and maybe no one died. What a way to raise skill and maybe make a few new friends .
  3. Contests - what would the current world be without the Olympics, the NFL, and those cool pool competitions on ESPN. Here in the UO world we to can set up contests, for everything from fencing duels, to archery contests, to fishing and cooking trips. Prizes for the winners, a fun time for all, even the onlookers. Each guild might send forth their "Champion" who will represent their guild.
  4. Trade - through my travels I have met a few guilds which were in it for the gold. The merchants who travel the world, the blacksmiths who love nothing more than making a full suit of platemail to bring to town, even the lowly bowyer who has saved countless lives with the bows he's made over the years. If we could organize trade then guild could place orders for items, get discounts while at the same time sending more well enoughed gold toward the trade guilds. Imagine getting weapons at cost, which is about half what the towns charge, and without the added work of mining your own ingots or chopping at that tree in the front yard.

Now I have been asked what shard I'm going to do all of this on. I play on Catskills mosty, but have gotten offers from others on different shards to lead up their divisions. I thank all of you who have e-mailed me with ideas and questions as these have prompted more thought into the issue.

The first order of business must be to see how big these councils can get. The council is useless unless there are enough guilds in it to warrent the effort. If you are a guildmaster or know one please consider where you stand on you current playing experience. Currently reach me at I will start a running list of guilds as soon as possible. When we grow bigger I will get a normal web-page but for right now this is just to answer questions.

I have been asked about PK guilds and Theif guilds. For this I am not sure. I do not want a bunch of K3wl-DUD3s in this. If a serious and honorable PK guild (interesting concept, honorable killers) should catch my eye I might consider it. If they are in it for the thrill of the fight, then we always know we have players for battle games, and maybe they will stop looting altogether, they will gather you stuff and escort you to a healer. In my personal opinion if these guilds are willing to follow the rules and maintain proper conduct then they are by all means welcome. The more diverse our council the more connections we have the more possibilities. Think of the #1 reason most players turned PK in the first place.

E-mail me at and pass this web-page on to as many people as you can. This idea needs people to work. I also want any guilds who are willing to back it to e-mail me and I will put you name proudly on this page to show the support.

Thank you for your time