Moscow Metro
Moscow Metro
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These are photos I've taken while on the Moscow Metro, probably the most spectacular subway system in the world. There have already been thousands of pictures taken of the grand stations, some of which can be found here at these sites --> Moscow Metro home page, Bee Flowers, and The Underground Dream. Here's the Wikipedia article. What I'm doing is just taking random photos as I ride the trains or walk through the stations. They are being taken covertly, without me actually looking through the camera at what I'm taking a picture of 90% of the time, trying my best not to get noticed. I figure if anyone has the right to be paranoid about getting their picture taken by a stranger, it's the Russians. However, I think the out-of-focus pictures present the ethereal movement on the trains and in the stations, a kind of controlled chaos of action that never stops. The also capture something about the mood of Moscow, an excitement in daily life which is combined with a melancholy resignation to one's fate. Anyways, I'll be adding more along the way.
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This guy seems to have caught me! Doesn't seem too happy with the camera.

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