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Check out all the zine and chapbook love that Budget Press has to offer. Some are poetry, some are prose, some have words and art, some are just art. Something for everyone!
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Zines and Lit Zines

Budget Press Review #8
with Sean Andress, Devon Balwit, Lana Bella, Billy Bridwell, Stephen T. Brophy, Joshua Didriksen, Evan Guilford-Blake, Renee Gurley, Robyn Joy,
Catfish McDaris, Lynn Mueller, Norman J. Olson, Tim Philippart, Cheryl Sonstein, Kristin Stadum, Patrick Strong, Lynn White and johnnie b. baker.
The latest edition of the little lit mag from hell. Online!

Budget Press Review #7
with jaga n.a. argentum, Katie Brown, Juliet Estorga, Julian Gallo, Joanna Gorman and Lester Milton.
more of the little lit mag from hell. Online!

Budget Press Review #6
with Becky Bain, Steven Conway, Kimberly DeHuff, Steven Hovey, Violet LeVoit, Jared McBride, Dallas McLaughlin,
Christopher Mulrooney, Jeffrey S. Ribaudo, Cassie J. Sneider and johnnie b. baker.
another little lit mag from hell. Online!

Budget Press Review #5
with Michael Andre, Stephen T. Brophy, Daino, Kevin L. Donihe, Alina Fox, Kelly Mc Clure, Crystal Powell,
Jennifer Stoever-Ackerman, Patrick Killpatrick Strong, Philip Taylor and johnnie b. baker.
the return of the little lit mag from hell. Online!

Budget Press Review #4
With Harry R. Wilkens, ken robidoux, Kioke Fin, John Gallo, Alan Gilliland,
A.K. Greeley, Phillip Langley, Patrick Oh, and johnnie b. baker.
the little lit mag from hell. Online!

Budget Press Review #3
with Michael Andre, Paul Semel, C. Mulrooney, Jennifer Stoever, Lanny Fields,
Anna Arutunyan, Tom Hamilton, Ben Vincent, ST Brophy, Richard Tater, and johnnie b. baker.
yet another little lit mag. Online!

Budget Press International
with ST Brophy, Richard Tater, Brent Kresovich, Mike Barney,
David Reeves, Jennifer Stoever, Danzelion and johnnie b. baker.
lots of words about the world. Online!

Budget Press Review #2
with David Miller, Paula Lopez, Jeffrey S. Ribaudo,
Bob Nye, Nick Ianelli, and ken robidoux.
another little lit mag. Online!

Budget Press Review #1
with P. Sebastian Strong, ST Brophy, Steve Hovey,
Chris Katko, Chad Davidson, and johnnie b. baker.
a little lit mag. Online!

Hamwax by Cadillac Luke and Clay Raelings.
the 'zine that proves anyone can do this.

meagarity by Jeffrey S. Ribaudo
look at the pretty pictures.

Non-fiction, perzines

My Snow-globe Life #3 by johnnie b. baker
traveling through southern Utah.

About last night... by Robyn Joy
surrealistic pillow thoughts.

let your fingers do the walking by johnnie b. baker
it's a snap!

in 100 years we'll all be dead by Cheryl Sonstein
the joke is on everybody.

My Snow-globe Life #2 by johnnie b. baker
been there, done that, bought a snowglobe.

Large Things by Soheil Sassani
big thoughts in a few words.

Fear of Infamy by Joanna Gorman
someone who has remembered their training.

Letter to my Seven Year Old Self by Julian Gallo
the times have kept changing.

I Belong Here by Kristin Stadum
stories from a woman who is always living.

My Snow-globe Life #1 by johnnie b. baker
life is little more than a snow globe.

The Suchdol Diaries by Matthew Carr
prodigious prose from Praha.

Earn Money Sleeping by Bob Nye
the king of punk gets a job.

True Life Adventures by Mike Barney
a man of many words and many places.


Terrible Stories from Kelly McClure
we are all alone.

The Devil's Right Hand by Stephen T. Brophy
even a bad guy's got to start somewhere.

Tales of Something-Something by Matt E. Lewis
you have the power to save yourself if you stay in reality. this will not help.

The Eternity Conundrum by Stephen T. Brophy
maybe there is a reason not to help destroy the world.

The Villain's Sidekick by Stephen T. Brophy
It's a book! It's a novella! It's a guy with weaponized prosthetics!

Photo zines

Lost and Found by Kristin Stadum
where the missing things are.

pyrenees and such by johnnie b. baker
wandering around southern France and northern Spain.

Москва девушки by johnnie b. baker
photos taken without looking.


Destroy My Wound by Tohm Bakelas
we have entered the darkest timeline.

The Last Railroad Spike by Aaron Wiegert
not everyone's destiny is clearly manifest.

Potto by Stanford Cheung
first among generations of fools.

Yesterday's Coffee by Nathan Black Rupp
on love and shit and the voices in the wake.

The Mermaid
words by Christopher Mulrooney and drawings by Heather Lowe
down by the sea.

Evil Queen by Aaron Wiegert
power corrupts.

HeadHole by Nicholas Morgan
the decay, the growth, the life, the meaning.

Spin Cycles by Kevin L. Donihe
life and love in the machine.

Street Gospel Mystical Intellectual Survival Codes by John Gallo
the guilty jester of New York.

PISS TALKS by Harry R. Wilkens
ah, the poetry of international politics.

Luncheon Duets or Solipsistic Soliloquies by George Samson
an uncomfortable date over a twelve dollar plate.

CATASTROPHE! by Steve Conway
fires and floods and earthquakes, oh my!

The Last Days of My Teeth by Tom Hamilton
an Irishman in America.

Angels and Pinheads by David Miller
one man's truth.

Shrapnel by Scott C. Holstad
life's a bitch.

About the Girl by C. C. Russell
poems plucked in passing.

Dry Heat by Jennifer Stoever
read close, you just might learn something.

Rock and Roll Girl by John Grey
a fistful of phrases and kingfisher songs.

Living Pain by Dan Buck
oh, the irony of it all.

Instamatic by Hunter Manasco
poems from a lesbian trapped in a mans body.

The Secret Diary Entries of Ten Mormon Prophets from the
Nineteenth Century
by Christopher Stolle
a poem of epic proportions.

Saint Agnes Preface by Robert James Brant
a very short story from the land of rolling rocks.

Tales I Have Been Hanged By. by David Castleman
poetry that will rape your mind.

Lilith's Panties by Paula Lopez
the confessions of a red-blooded american woman.

We Wish To End All by Lob
one man, one sitting; one rhyme, ten haiku's.

Meandering Through the Mind by Rachel Caldwell
here's a warm body with a hot pen.

Singing for Pennies on the Streets by C. Mulrooney
poetry that's short, sweet, and to the point.

Sending Cinderblock Moonbeams Through the Ceiling by Mike Buller
read the random thoughts of a wayward fool.

Twisted by Jenna
read her, love her, just hope you never meet her.

It's Always Something by Kelly Mcclure
poems from a woman on the verge.

Road Worthy Hungry and Mean by Mel Bain
poetry as hot as a jalapeno butt plug.

The Book of Shadows by Tricia Goetz
poems about love, pain, and death.

Unpleasantly Plump by P. Sebastian Strong
more shit from a guy who's full of it.

Sign of the Cross by Bob Nye
poetry from the king of punk.

nice guys finish furniture by ST Brophy
wisdom from the poet laureate of the Lower Haight.

Rockess by Jessica
poetry from the queen of the storage shed.

? by David Reeves
poetry from the bi-polar man.

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