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Rat Costumes

Rat Costume Instruction
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Here is what we did for our 4-H rattie costumes.
Well first we tried buying an expensive, tiny harness, and glued on wings. Even with the smallest size the little dears slipped right out of.

So, we bought felt. It's cheap. You can pick up squares at a arts and crafts store.
Hope you can follow the instructions:
1. Cut a round circle with the center cut out...a collar to fit over the ratties head. Note: do not make too large, they stretch!
2. Cut out an approx. 7" x 1 1/2" strip. Cut 1/2" of the center away down to 1 1/2" from one edge. You now have two strips hanging off a tab.
3. Make Wings we had a bat and butterfly.
Cut the felt in the shape of wings you want. Use wire for bat wings, the length of the front for a bat wing and glue over the front edge (you will need to allow extra material when you cut the wing). Now the wing can be shaped when finished.
4. Glue with fabric glue the felt collar to the underside, front of the wing. Glue the tab end of the strip to the end of the wing, underside.
5. Let dry and decorate the top. We used glittery, gold fabric paint (in the tubes for a bat and colored felt for the butterfly).
6. Put on. Slip collar over the ratties head. Tie the strip under the rattie (lightly) around the flank area.
Have dress rehearsals!!! We noticed they got use to them, but the necks can get stretched, you may want extra material incase.

Rat Bat Costume, topside

Rat Butterfly Costume, topside

Underside of Butterfly Costume, see where the collar and tab on the tie are glued?

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