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Dave's Melbourne Tram Pages.

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Welcome to Dave's Melbourne Tram Pages. These pages are all about Melbourne's trams. Find out about the trams that operate on the system in all over advertising colour schemes, the Melbourne trams that have been preserved and where you can find them, and the Heritage Fleet trams that the Public Transport Corporation have retained as part of Melbourne's history.

New Trams.

In 2002, the first of the new easy access low floor C class trams should be on the road. Ninety will be built by ADtranz, Dandenong (a suburb of Melbourne) with 59 going to Yarra Trams and 31 to Swanston Trams.These will replace the Z1 and Z2 class trams which will be between 21 and 26 years old, and will be the first of the replacement program that will see all high floor trams phased out by the year 2026.

More on the new C class trams as it becomes available.

There is a rumour currently doing the rounds that Melbourne's new low floor trams may not all be C class. There may be some D class single unit trams built. There is no indication yet as to how many D class trams will be built or how many will go to Yarra Trams and Swanston Trams. Keep checking back and all will be revealed when more info. is forthcoming.

Dead Trams.

On the evening of November 8, 1999, Z3 149 was destroyed by fire at the West Maribyrnong (route 57) terminus. The cause of the fire was traced to a short circuit in the base of the emergency trolley pole. This has resulted in the removal of all emergency trolley poles from Z1, Z2, Z3 and A1 class trams.

If you would like to find out about the current rolling stock on Melbourne's tramway system, click on the link to "Dave's Enterprise-ing Pages"

For a list of Melbourne's tram routes, check out Melbourne's Tram Routes Since 1950.

SW6 class tram 932 in Collins St., Melbourne.
Photo - David Brown

L class tram 104 at the Elizabeth St roundabout.
Photo - David Brown
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Page last updated on 23rd December 1999. As the page (and me) now live in Brisbane Queensland, 1600 km from my favourite transport system, it may be a little difficult to keep this page updated. Fear not, I will do my best. There may even be an update on Brisbane,s planned brand new trams, Briztram, as soon as I can find any info on that I'll post it on the page. - Dave.

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