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Welcome To SSaSSSy's Page
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Welcome To SSaSSSy's Page

Well the long wait is over! I got a call from the Fresno County Sheriff's Department and I have been offered the job of Deputy II. I have put in my two weeks notice at Airborne (my home away from home for 7 years), and my start date is Aug 6th. Wish me luck and pray for the people of Fresno! LOL J/K

Frank Hoppen Enterprises, Inc.
This is what Joey wants to do

Here is Joey 2001

>>>But mom I am to young for homework!!!!<<<

This is my little angel
He is the center of my Universe!!
He keeps me busy the other 16 hrs. of my days. :o)

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Fox Racing

Team Red Riders (Team Honda) More links for Motocross coming soon!!!

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