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American Gladiators

Now of course you are surely wondering how I will attept to prove to you (the surfer) that Mr. Egbert was infact on American Gladiators. I would be wondering the same thing if I were you. Since I happen to not be you I don't have to wonder, I have to show you...

After hearing about the rumor one of my associates decided he'd get to the bottom of it. He decided to ask him in class.
"any questions?"
"Yeah! Were you ever on American Gladiators?" he asked.
His reply: "Some people think I was."
Sometimes simple solutions don't solve problems. Some times you need the technology. Like my PC, it is great, I can create websites, fraudulent pictures, jokes, and music right in the comfort of my very own home. Oh yes, what a great way to pass time.
Sorry, I kind of got carried away. Now I think the best way to prove to you that Mr. Egbert was on the previously mentioned show is to show you actual pictures of him. You remember American Gladiators, don't you? Turbo, Viper, Ice, Diamond, Tower, all the best, in their muscle suits, built to the brim...

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