The best band in the world! *Mwaa!*

Why do I love Oasis? Because! Why Noel? Because!!
Lalala...I keep changing this section? Why? Cause every time I try to write about why I love Oasis and Noel Gallagher(not in an obsessed stalker type way mind you!) I end up coming off as a gushing teenybopper, and that's *NOT* what I am(No really, stop laughing). So I'll just leave you with my list of favorites and if you want to talk Oasis with me, check out the "Contact Us" section for my email(icq uin, aol nick, whatever).

My Favorite Oasis...
Album:...Morning Glory
Single:Some Might Say
Song:Live Forever
B-Side:Listen Up
Bootleg:Live At Knebworth

Favorite *new* member: it Gem like a diamond or ruby or Gem with a soft G? Ah fuck it, Andy. Keep the faith! Oasis 4ever!!