Funny how everyone believes Noel Gallagher is a jerk, while these people tell a different story...

This is Kellie's story:
One fine day in Massachusetts, to be specific West Peabody, Mass; a very sad girl(me) was listening to her favorite radio station wfnx.

This girl was very sad because she had just moved that summer and she really didn't want to move. You see she used to live in Revere. It is like Manchester, England but in America. You know what I mean, a working class city, I mean really working class. I lived across the street from a hooker, and next door to a heroin addict. It seemed to me that my family was the only ones there that were sane.

So back to the story, I was I mean the girl was listening to the radio and then she heard the words, "OASIS TICKETS ARE BEING GIVEN AWAY ALL WEEK AND A FEW LUCKY WINNERS WILL WIN BACK-STAGE PASSES TOO". Well my god I must have pissed my pants right on the spot, since me and my best friend Enza love Oasis and I mean LOVE OASIS!

So as they were having the contest I won and Enza won but she was that lucky person to win those back-stage passes. I was so happy to go but a little sad that only she got to meet them. Then it happened they were giving away more tickets and I won those too! I mean I thought that I was the most luckiest person alive. Then I got a little greedy and didn't want anyone else going to that Oasis concert. So to make a long story short, I won ten tickets to the concert and eight back-stage passes.

But now the question was who will get the other tickets. HMMM, I WONDER WHO? Well my brother Tommy was taking me so he got one, me that made two, enza came with us so that made three, well there were seven more tickets left. Naturally us three took the back-stage passes but the iI wanted some money so I sold two tickets to my brothers friend Richie and his girlfriend. Well that was two more so five more tickets to go. Then I thought I might as well sell some more tickets so I sold two more to my cousin Brian and his friend, Then I thought well that's cool but I have three left so we kept those.

The day of the concert we all got ready the day was September 6,1996. When we got there I was walking to the Worcester Centrum that is where they were playing and we walked passed all these tour buses and I was kicking and hitting them all yelling out, "OASIS COME OUT COME OUT WHERE EVER YOU ARE". Then I saw one of the bus windows open and smoke from a cigarette was puffing out and I could hear what sounded like Liam Gallagher laughing. Then we got to the Centrum and our passes included a back-stage pre-show Party. Well as we were waiting in the party room which was actually a room with tables and tonics and dip and chips. Well I was too nervous to eat so I waited after about twenty minutes they came through the door. The seat I was in "thank God" was across from the door so I was the first to see them coming. They came and sat right at my table. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noel Gallagher the greatest guitarist since John and Paul came and sat down next to me! Then Bonehead sat next to him and Alan White came and sat next to him. They were very quiet but very nice I got Morning Glory the album signed plus Wonderwall, Don't Look Back In Anger, a poster, a book, and a Melody Maker with them on the cover. It was the best day of my life. Liam and Guigsy weren't there though BOO-WHOO. I was there for Noel anyway. Then this lady that worked for the Centrum said," why don't you leave this table and go see the Manic Street Preachers and the Screaming Trees". And I was "no way, I love Oasis and am here for OASIS, there is no way I'm leaving. Noel gave a smirk and laughed a little. Then they left and the concert was wonderful and well that was the best day of my life.
By:Kellie Bethune
This is Kristine's story:
I went to the Oasis concert in Oslo!!! It was fantastic! I went over there with some friends. When we arrived in Oslo, we met some other friends that went over there a few days earlier. The first thing they told us was that, you won't believe this, they had met Noel two times during the day! Firs they had come out of a shop and guess who had walked by? They were so surprised that they didn't ask for his authograph. They just stood there, staring at him. They tried to follow him down the street but lost him. Then when they had given up all hope to see him again, he came past them again, this time with a tale of screaming girls behind him! This time they took some pics, I'm looking forward to see them!

At the hostel we had taken on our Oasis t-shirts and wearing those we strolled around in Oslo doing nothing. It was a bit embarrasing, walking round there a gang of 7 people wearing Oasis t-shirts, but it was also a bit fun, 'cos we got all sorts of comments from people passing by. After walking around for a couple of hours we went to the arena. We found our seats, perfectly situated in the middle of row 12. Perfect!! The seats were great, next to the VIP boxes, with a perfect view. First Ocean Colour Scene went on stage and played for about 35 minutes. They were really great and I wish they'd played some more songs. I'm gonna buy their CD now. Half an hour after OCS had gone off the stage, Oasis came on. A big clock hanging over the stage disappeared and Oasis came out through a big phone box. Wow!! Alan took place in a big Rolls were his drum kit were placed. Noel, Bonehead and Guigs grabbed their guitars and Liam started belting out Be Here Now. There were also two keyboard players sitting inside a big clock. Liam, wearing a pink/red and blue Berghaus anorak, was on top form singing like I've never heard him sing before. He was also very funny, running around the stage trying to get away from the light pointing at him. The concert was absolutely fabulous. The best one I've been to yet. The only thing that disappointed me a bit was that they didn't play Don't Go Away and that there wasn't a acoustic set included. I wish Noel had played The Masterplan, Sad Song and Talk Tonight, that would have been brilliant.

After the concert we went to the band's hotel and hung around there for a while, but the guys didn't come out. All we saw of them was when they stood inside the hotel waving out the door to us. After that we went back to the hostel. What a great day!!

The next day, my friends left Oslo and went home to Bergen early. I met up with the people I had taken the train with again. They stayed at the hotel next to Oasis' hotel, and had heard the time Oasis would leave their hotel. That resulted in us staying outside for two hours! I wanted to leave, you know it seems a bit teenyboppy standing there waiting for popstars, but I'm glad we stayed 'cos the patience was paid off!! First Noel and Bonehead came out!! I didn't see Bonehead but that was probably because I was too excited about seeing Noel. He didn't stay long, he walked past most of us, and only wrote one or two authographs, unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky ones. I did take some photos, though, one of Bonehead and Noel and one of Noel's eyebow. Then, after about an hour Liam came out!!!!! His bodyguards made us stand in a line so that everyone could get autographs and photos. Unfortunately, this didn't work and eveyone flocked around him. I didn't manage to get his authograph but I got some good photos. He was really nice, dead nice, and great looking. He was gorgeous, and it seemed like he cared about his fans. When he got in his car, he even opened the door to write an autograph. I was next in the line when his bodyguard asked him to close the door :( Damn!! Guigs and Alan came out at the same time but they just walked past everyone, I tried to take a photo, but Liam's bodyguard came in the way. Oh, I hate him!! I also got photos of OCS, I even went into their bus, asked them to smile and took a pic. It's great to be able to say that you've touched Noel and Liam and been in OCS's bus!!

When the band had left we all went to get something to eat, and then we went to some CD stores, bought some CDs and went to the train. Those two days were some of the best in my life so far! Incredible!

This is Ashley's story:(pictures coming soon!)
As part of my birthday present, my dad drove me and my friend Jenny down to Dallas (3 hours away) to see Oasis. I live in Oklahoma City. We didn't have tickets because it was sold out, so I figured we could get some from scalpers. We got there around 4:30, and there were just a bunch of people standing around the back of the building waiting for Oasis to come out, but I didn't see any scalpers, so we just decided to wait with them for a while. I asked some people if they had seen any scalpers around, and they said no, but they would probably be around later. This one guy said Noel came out about 35 min. earlier, so I seriously doubted that any of them would come out of the building again. I talked to someone else, and they said they had just gotten some scalped tickets for $175,so I was really sad, because I knew the most my dad would pay was $100 each, and I don't think it would be worth it for $175 each, even for my beloved Oasis, that's highway robbery! So I just talked with the people around me for about 20 or 30 minutes, and all of a sudden, Noel Gallagher walks out! Everybody ran to him, there were about 30 people. He was standing on this kind of cement ramp thing with a rail along it, so he was kind of seperated from everybody else. I didn't think he would stop, I thought he was just going to walk out and leave, so I got a picture of him, and it probably wasn't very good, and it was the last one on the roll! Noel stopped and started signing things, anything people handed him, I mean, he signed EVERYTHING, he was so nice. He signed my "Definitely Maybe" and "WTSMG" CD booklets, and so did Guigsy. It was so surreal, I was just standing there staring at him thinking "oh my God, I am right next to Noel Gallagher", so I wasn't paying that much to what he was saying, I was in total awe. Finally, and I didn't want to say it, because I was afraid of pissing him off by sounding like some whiney fool, I said "Noel, could you get me some tickets, I came all the way from Oklahoma City to see you, but I couldn't get tickets because the show was sold out, and I'll cry if I don't get in!" Then somebody said "I have 3 extra tickets" and I said "I need 2, how much?", and then Noel said something to me, I forgot what he said, it was all such a whirl, but he told me stand up where he was standing, and his security guard took my name and put it on Noel's guest list so I could have 2 tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said "Thank you so much, I love you Noel!" and he smiled and nodded his head at me! After that, me & my friend Jenny just ran off into the parking lot screaming hysterically, and I was crying tears of joy, I just could not believe that it happened, I can't believe I cried because Oasis is not my favorite band! But things like that just DO NOT happen to people like me! Oh yeah, when we were up there by Noel, somebody said "where's Liam?" and Noel said "he's won't be coming out, he's not well" , and my friend Jenny said "so he's sick?" and Noel said "he's got the flu, but he'll still be singing tonight". He was actually responding to people talking to him, he was so nice! He waited out there until he had signed everything that everybody had for him to sign, he even waited for this guy to go back to his car, and get his guitar to sign! And not only that, Guigsy was there too, and he signed my stuff too, but he didn't seem as nice as Noel.

While we were waiting in line to get inside the arena, my friend Jenny got out of line to walk around, and she saw Alan "whitey" White the drummer walking around by the bowling alley! He had to go just as she got there, so she couldn't get his autograph. Anyway, the venue was very small, only held about 3200 people. I think about anywhere you would sit would be a very good seat. There was a floor level where people could just stand, and then there were 3 other levels with seats, and me & my friend jenny were on the 3rd row of the second level, just slightly to the right, and they were very good seats! We didn't even need the binoculars we brought to see the expressions on their faces! It was such an intimate kind of show, like Oasis really bonded with the audience, and also this was the best audience ever, I mean you could just feel the love flowing around, it was so great, everybody was so happy. Oasis put on a grrrrrrrreat show, the best concert I've ever been too. For the acoustic set, Noel played "Talk Tonight", "Help" (by the Beatles) and "Don't Go Away". And my friend Jenny, who hated Oasis before, and was a total Bush fanatic said that this was even better than the Bush concert!
By: Ashley :-)

This is Heather's story:
When I was at the Jan 12th concert at the Meadowlands, I was sitting in my top floor seats. My mom looks over to he left and sees somebody that she thinks looks like Guigsy, she goes nah it couldn't be. Then she looks up a little more and she sees Liam and Noel!! She was starting to freak out! She tells me and I start to hyperventalate because Oasis is standing right next to us in the little soundcheck booth area, it was a lot of amps and controls surrounded by a gate. A family friend that came with us is telling me to go and shake his hand. I was saying no I can't I'm to nervous and I'll disturb him. Well, I finally got the nerve to go up to them, and then I remembered I had brought my Oasis mag in case I could get a signature. I never thought I was! I first went up to Guigsy and shook his hand and got his autograph. I was so freaked out and dumbfounded I couldn't do anything. I shook Alan's hand forgetting about the mag! How dumb is that?! I then went over to Liam and shook his hand. When he took my hand, he brought me in a little and we were cheek to cheek!!! I was touching Liam Gallagher's cheek and hand, while he is whispering in my ear!!! What can be better! He said "hi! how ya doing? i'm watching the band (Cornershop) right now, but i'll be on stage later! cheers!" My knees were weak and I had a hard time standing there! I then asked for his autograph, but he said he was busy listening to the music. I understand why he didn't cause if anybody happened to look over at me getting Liam's autograph he would have been swarmed. I was shaking Noel's hand (TOTAL BLISS)!!!!!!!!!! Then I was told to sit down by security. As you know, Noel's my fav, so in my seat I was just staring at him in total disbelief that I touched him and that he was next to me. He saw me and just stared into my eyes for a while. He then winked, waved and gave me the peace sign! I could have died there and then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I waved to bonehead and I felt great. My mom also went up to Oasis and said to Guigsy, "hi Guigsy! you're so cute!!!" His face was beaming with the biggest smile you have ever seen! She said to Alan, "hi Alan! it's a pleasure to meet you!" I think he was surprised that she knew his name cause he was confused and didn't know what to do with the cig that wasin his hand. He finally got things straightened out and shook her hand. She then shook Liam's hand, her knees went weak to! I think he has that effect on all the women he touches or is in the presence of. She shook Noel's hand and waved to Bonehead. That there everybody was, is, and will always be the best night of my life!!!!!
This is Lori-Jo's story:
It was July 27, 1992. I had just arrived in Manchester the day before. Today I was sitting in the record office of the Inspiral Carpets, my favorite band of the time. I had just met Debbie Black, the Inspirals secretary who I had been writing to for over a year. All of a sudden, this lad came bursting in, asking "Deb! Has the pay come in? I've only got 10 quid 'til the end of the week!". July 27, 1992 was a Monday.

The lad had dark hair and blue eyes, and was dressed in a black denim shirt and jeans. I still can't explain it, but there was just something about him that made me pay extra attention. He wasn't conventionally good looking or anything, but he was the first real Manchester lad this 17 year old girl had any contact with, and it was admiration at first site. He was the guitar technician for the Inspirals. Click here to see how he looked that day.

He proceeded to sulk when Debbie told him that he wouldn't be paid until Friday, and slumped behind a desk in a chair, tucking into the latest copy of the NME and a bag of Cheese 'n' Onion crisps. If you can believe it, I even remember they were the Sea-farer brand... I remember everything about that day. For years, I couldn't understand why.

Debbie introduced me to him. His name was Noel Gallagher. It wasn't my first contact with the infamous "Noel" who sat behind the desk. A few weeks before my trip, I had called to talk to Debbie. I was convinced that it was Tom Hingley (Inspirals' singer) who had answered the phone that day, and didn't let up when the lad on the other end told me it wasn't. Finally, the lad on the other end gave in and said that he was Tom. It was actually Noel, and I spent about $20 chatting to him. I wasn't happy when I initially found out, but now I realise just how well-spent that $20 was!!!

Noel proceeded to ask me if I'd ever tried cheese 'n' onion crisps, knowing I was from Canada. I told him I hadn't, and he presented me with his half finished bag. I actually kept it for a few days afterward, but eventually threw it out. It would be crazy to hold on to something from some lad I was smitten with who I'd never see again... right?

Noel, Debbie and I started talking about music when Noel piped up and told me he had his own little band called Oasis. He asked me if I wanted to hear his demo. Debbie sat in the chair and rolled her eyes while I enthusiastically replied "I'd love to!". Noel went over to the stereo and plugged in his tape. That day, I heard "Take Me", "Colour My Life" and "See The Sun". Those songs haven't been released to this day.

I really loved what I heard, genuinely, and I heaped praise on Noel. He then presented me with that very copy of the demo, along with a little article about the band from the Manchester Evening News. The demo tape is my prized possession, and I still have it to this day. It lives in the safety deposit box at my bank, and is one of only 10 in existence.

We got talking about the Boardwalk, where Oasis had played their first gig, and I told Noel I would like to see it. He then drew me a map which I still have. Then I started talking about Affleck's Palace, a well known shopping place in Manchester, and asked Noel for directions. He told me he was going downtown anyway, and offered to show me in person. Of course, I accepted.

We spent the walk talking mainly about the Stone Roses. Noel had ambition for Oasis of course, but not as much as he now claims to have had. He was hoping that some day they would get a record deal, but he hardly had any aspirations of being the biggest band in the world. I really did like the demo tape, and I hoped that someday they would make it. I had no idea just how big they would become.

We got to Affleck's and looked around a bit, and Noel decided it was time to be on his way. We said goodbye, and I saw him many other times in the office before the end of my trip. Click here to see another pic of Noel from 1992.

That October, I went to see the Inspirals once more when Noel was still working for them, and kept in touch with him with letters. After Noel left the Inspirals, Oasis got a record deal. I sent Noel a card of congratulations, and ended up going back to England in 1994 to see them at Glastonbury, and flying out to Toronto to see Oasis make their Canadian debut. The rest is history. I've flown to Toronto, Vancouver, and New York City and have seen them play six times. Noel still puts me on the guestlist, and he still considers me to be an old friend.

I watched Oasis become the biggest band in the world, right before my eyes. I can truly say I was a fan since that day I met Noel, and I will never stop being one. How could I? I know now why I thought Noel was so special. I should have kept that crisp bag!
This is John's story:
I saw Oasis in Dallas a few weeks ago. I got there about 4 when Oasis were at sound check. There was about 30 people outside this big entrance where roadies were not letting anybody get close to the side of the ampatheiter. The song played at sound check was a song I have never heard, it was realy tops though. Then Noel appeared, walking out the big sliding doorway. He approached the group of us. I had brought my Noel Gallagher Supernova Epiphone for him to sign. With Noel seeing me with his sig guitar he approached me first. I was speechless, I somehow was able to mumble "will you sign my guitar?" He says, "Fook yeah man, ye have my guitar ye must be a fan." He signed it very large near the bottom. He asked me what the name of my band was. I said "Cloudbursts" He just giggled. Then I asked him if I could shake his hand and let some of his talent rub off on me, he laughed again and said sure, then he went on to the next fan.