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(In MP3)Paul Weller welcomes Noel onstage -Victoria Park 8/8/98 gig*

Walk on Guilded Splinters -Paul Weller/Noel Gallagher*

Take Me Away -From the Supersonic single

Do Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman? -from the Shakermaker single

Half The World Away -from the Whatever single

Sad Song -from the vinyl Definitely Maybe

Listen Up(MTV Unplugged version, very rare!) -From the Cigarettes and Alcohol single

Talk Tonight -from the Some Might Say single

The Masterplan -from the Wonderwall single


It's Better People -From the Roll With It single

Step Out -From The Don't Look Back In Anger single

Don't Look Back In Anger(14.4)(28.8)

Magic Pie

This Guy's In Love With You -By Burt Bacharach, sung by Noel

D'You Know What I Mean, acoustic

Angel Child Heroes -from the D'You Know What I Mean? single

Going Nowhere -from The Stand By Me single

The Fame Flashbax -from the new All Around The World single

Come Together -Paul Wellar, Paul McCartney, Noel on rythm guitar, and Steve White(Alan's brother) on drums.

Help! -By *duh*The Beatles, sung by Noel

Setting Sun(acoustic) -Chemical Brothers song

Teotihuacan -Noel solo instrumental from the X-Files soundtrack. Pronounced tey-oh-tee-hoo-ah-kan by the way ;)

To Be Someone -by The Jam, Noel acoustic

Chipper Son Of A Bitch -silly bit of a song Noel sang on American radio*hehehe*

Dustman -Singing something about a dustman(?!?)*heeheehee*
Most Real Audio files courtesy of Real Audio Brazil :)
*courtesy of the Fade In/Out Oasis page.