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Greetings from Noel!

Don't Look Back In Anger clip

952KB -"It's like anything. If you're an actor, or a painter or a writer, you've always got to entertain yourself first, before you can even consider other people. If it doesn't excite you, it's hardly gonna excite anybody else."

1MB "I don't own a computer. I don't wish to own a computer. I have absolutely no interest in what is going on between Sony music and the websites," Gallagher told MTV Latino. "Computers are rubbish, buy guitars, that's all I'm saying."

627KB -"We can't do anything in England with the press, so we waited until we came to the states. It was a spontaneous thing to have Elvis there, but, we planned it for a while, really."

1006KB -"I don't see, sort of like coming over and then doing, like, four or five shows and then going home. God knows what's going to happen back in England, you know. I think we're just going to come and do it like a full thing."

1125KB -"So we only have it on cassette from this little portable machine we brought along... so the slide guitar solo is actually from, the first part of that song is actually from the tape, and then the bit where the drums come in is from the bit we recorded in the studio."

674KB -"I haven't got any problems with anyone, especially Paul McCartney. I don't know, I think he's just going senile, isn't he?"

643KB -"We're just looking forward to getting back and being a band again, really, 'cause we've had a lot of time out of the spotlight, if you like, so it's good. We're looking forward to it."

743KB -"They're quite cool. Apparently it's a take on some... they've come up with some Vietnam idea. There's lots of military helicopters floating about."

667KB -"We don't really set out to make long tracks, but we do like a long intro and a long outro in the balance. It wasn't planned that way."

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