Ok, so every other page seems to have these and I thought I should put one up to answer some of the questions I get asked all the time.
Are you Noel?

Do you know Noel? Can you reach him?

Does Noel know of this site?
I really don't know. I doubt he's ever seen it. He knows about The NLC though.

Does Noel have an e-mail address? Can you send it to me?
I highly doubt it considering Noel thinks computers and the internet are rubbish. Even if he did, I wouldn't know it. Be cautious of ANYONE claiming to be Noel or any other member of Oasis who you meet online. Anyone can claim to be him and even convince you if they seem to know a lot about Oasis. Don't believe them.

Who are you?! A/S/L?
I'm Katherine. You can call me Kath. Some ppl call me Shorty. I'm from Canada eh? You know that country covered in ice and snow where everyone lives in igloos and rides dogsleds? That's not it...
If you want to know more about me and how to contact me on a personal level, read the "Contact Us" section. There you'll also find the address of my personal homepage with all sorts of "stuff" about me.

Do you have a pic?
Yes, I have a few. If you want one, email me.

Who's Erin?
She's the Vice President of The NLC. Her contact information is on the "Contact Us" secion. If you want a pic of her, I dunno, you'll have to ask her!

What is The NLC and how do I join?
Go to the "The NLC" section Sherlock.

Once I've signed up for The NLC, what do I do?
You'll get an email to verify that you want to join. That will tell you what to do. Once you're in, you'll recieve all the information on club events, chats, and the newsletter via email.

Does he have a girlfriend? Is he married? Does he have kids? Brothers, sisters?? How tall is he?
Read the "Biography" section!

What's his address? Where can I write to him?
Haven't got a clue now that's he's moved out of London.
If you want to write to him, write to:
Trinity Street
3 Alveston Place
Leamington Spa
CV32 4SN

Even if you have his street address, everything is forwarded to his management.

What kind of amp does Noel use?

Do you know what kind of guitar Noel uses and where can I get the tabs for...
Stop right there! You're asking the wrong person. But feel free to ask someone on the discussion board. That's what it's there for.

What's the deal with his signature guitar? The Epiphone Supernova. Where can I get one?
Again, you're asking the wrong person. However I'm compiling information and links about it and will put up a section all on it in the near future.

I saw this shirt/jacket/hat/pair of shoes/etc Noel was wearing in that video/at a gig/in a picture, where can I find it?
WHOA. Hold up. I don't know where Noel shops. Buy your own clothes ppl!

Can you let me know when the site is updated?
I try to update at least a few times a week, but that depends on how much is going on in Oasis Land. Just bookmark us and visit often. For all the inside info on big site updates and any major changes taking place, join the mailing list on the main page.

I've got an idea for a new section. Can I help with the site? I have something you could add, where do I send it?
Check out the "Feedback" section.

Do you trade bootlegs?
Nope. Sorry! Just don't have time these days.