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I am the Lord Strahd Von Zarovich , Lord of Barovia and owner of Ravenloft .

I am the land and the land is me .

I have existed in this plane for 958 years since my decent into what I am . What am I you ask ? I can be your worst nightmare if you cross me , simply put , I'm am proud of my arrogance... I paid for it dearly .

In my travels I have recently come across an interesting group of people , They exist in a plane called Blood Donations accepted here . Tis a chat room that is one of the places that you're most likely to make my aquaintence .

Description of the Character


I am Vampire/Necromancer , I am 6'2" tall , with steel grey eyes and silver hair , 195 pounds and if I must say so myself extremely fierce . I carry with me a curse that being Monoche the demon . Should I die in battle ,which isn't bloody likely, Monoche regenerates my body and sustains my life....I have died twice that also makes me two parts Demon . If I die a few more times Monoche will completely overcome me and I will become all Demon. I carry a broadsword called MorneBlade ,that is also part of the curse of Monoche and in battle I wear MorneBlade's Black Armor and Skull helm , so unless you carry a holy object not much can penetrate it .

My life in this realm

During the travel in this plane I met my beloved Iliessa , she is my wife and the mother of my son Tavares . I give you fair warning , Heed it well , harm either of them and die by my hand instantly and unplesantly painful. I am a member of the Church of the Dawn , an elite group of people that were hand picked by the grand knight Knightlife I , along with my beloved , am an elder in this particular clan . I am usually a gracious host unless you prove yourself unworthy so if you please , feel free to linger in this realm but at anytime prepared to run into the minions from the Demiplane of Dread.. HA HA HA , Farewell traveler

Things I Adore

Favorites of the realm

Blood Donations
My Beloved Iliessa
Ravenloche the wise
The Grand Knightlife and the Church of the Dawn