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Most of India has a tropical or subtropical climate, with little variation in temperature between seasons.

India’s seasonal cycle includes three main phases:

WINTER : The cool, dry winter season begins around the month of November till March, with temperatures dropping quite steeply, specially, in the Northern and North-Eastern parts of the country. There is heavy snowfall in the Himalayas during this time. In Southern and in Eastern parts of India, however, these months are pleasantly cool, never extremely cold. The winter months are considered to be the ideal time to be travelling to India. 

SUMMER : The hot, dry summer season starts around the month of April and goes on till September. The temperatures in the northern plains and central India are generally high. The hill stations, towards the Himalayas, experience very comfortable weather. The Southern parts of the country, the summer season is not that long and also the temperatures are not very high, though the humidity level is quite high in these parts of the country. 

MONSOON : The Monsoon rains usually lies between  the month of mid-June to september With the exception of the South-Eastern areas, India receives the major share of its rainfall between June and September. The South-Eastern areas receive most of the rainfall from the North-East monsoon between mid October and December end. 

Traditionally, India has been most popular in the Winter months. However, with easy availability of airconditioned hotels, transport and leisure facilities, the Summer months have become equally popular, and lean months have narrowed down.

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