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Tim's Clean Joke Archive.

  1. The City of Los Angeles Math Proficiency Exam
  2. 50 Fun Things to do in an Elevator
  3. Won Liners
  4. Various Political Philosophies
  5. Man Enough
  6. The Wrong Way
  7. Heaven Orientation
  8. Blonde Jokes
  9. A Texan, a Russian, and a New Yorker
  10. Polish Air Disaster (News Bulletin)
  11. Quick Thinking
  12. Murphy's Laws of Computing
  13. Canadian Creation Story
  14. Prison vs. Work
  15. Holmes and Watson Go Camping
  16. Half-Baked Headlines
  17. How to Keep the Office Interesting
  18. A Doctor, an Engineer, and a Computer Scientist
  19. Country Churches
  20. Tips For Managers and Bosses
  21. Word Troubles
  22. Wordperfect Helpline
  23. Accomplishments of a College Applicant
  24. Understanding Management
  25. The 1998 Darwin Awards
  26. Church Bulletin Bloopers

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