Operator                               Fleet Nos   Date  Mfg  Model    Serial  Numbers                 PR  Notes       
=====================================  ==========  ====  ===  =======  =================  =============  ==  ============
GM Diesel Division                     DEMO        JN85  GMC  T7J-604  FV823076           London         ON  demonstrator
Strathcona Transit System, County of    881        JN85  GMC  T7J-604  FV823076           Sherwood Park  AB  x-GMDD DEMO 
GM Diesel Division                     DEMO823125  JN85  GMC  T8J-204  FV823125           London         ON  demonstrator
Autobuses Boulais, les                  871        JN85  GMC  T8J-204  FV823125           St-Jean        QU  x-GMDD DEMO 
Autobuses Boulais, les                  872-874    MR87  GMC  T7J-606  GV824818-GV824820  St-Jean        QU              
Charter Bus Lines of British Columbia   601-607    JL94  TMC  T80-208  RR830046-RR830052  Victoria       BC              

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