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A 28 Day Walk Thru the Bible

Day 1: Creation
Day 2: First Sin
Day 3: Flood
Day 4: God's Covenant with Abraham
Day 5: Joseph and his brothers
Day 6: The Call of Moses
Day 7: God's Victory over Pharoah
Day 8: The Covenant at Sinai and the Ten Commandments
Day 9: Sampson
Day 10: David and Goliath
Day 11: God's Promise to David
Day 12: King Solomon
Day 13: From King Josiah to the Fall of Jerusalem
Day 14: David's Repentance and God's Presence
Day 15: God's Wisdom
Day 16: The Sins of Judah and Israel
Day 17: Promises of Hope
Day 18: The Day of the Lord
Day 19: The Birth and Childhood of Jesus
Day 20: Jesus' Sermon on the Mount
Day 21: Jesus' Parables
Day 22: The Death of Jesus
Day 23: The Resurrection of Jesus
Day 24: The Conversion of Paul
Day 25: Christian Community
Day 26: Faith and The Law
Day 27: Christian Living
Day 28: The New Heaven and the New Earth