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Sir U and angy's World

The following is an exerpt from the night in Sleeping Beauty's Castle, when W/we became O/one...

Wed 02:31:29 AM EDT Nov 12 Sir U . . . *Climbing up on top the bar*

Wed 02:32:10 AM EDT Nov 12 Sir U . . . *My hand reaching for angy, pulling her up on to the bar beside me*

Wed 02:32:56 AM EDT Nov 12 HB . . . *watches Sir U and angy climb onto the bar, wonders why....*

Wed 02:32:59 AM EDT Nov 12 angy . . . *climbing up on the bar*

Wed 02:33:44 AM EDT Nov 12 Sir U . . . *Knealing before angy* M'Lady I have something to ask of thee...

Wed 02:34:39 AM EDT Nov 12 Sir U . . . *Drawing a small packet from inside my tunic*

Wed 02:35:24 AM EDT Nov 12 ~*destinee*~Ab*~ . . . *grinning watching Sir U and angy....*

Wed 02:35:25 AM EDT Nov 12 angy . . . *looking at Sir U*

Wed 02:37:17 AM EDT Nov 12 angy . . . *watching Sir U*

Wed 02:38:34 AM EDT Nov 12 ross . . . also watching Sir U

Wed 02:44:18 AM EDT Nov 12 Sir U . . . angy... I promise to give you the best of myself and to ask no more than you can give in return. I promise to accept you the way you are. I fell in love with you for the qualities, abilities, and outlook on life that you have. I won't try to shape you into any different image...

I promise to respect you as a person, as someone with your own interests, desires, and needs, and to realize they are sometimes different from my own, but no less important than my own. I promise to share with you my time and close attention and to bring joy, strength, and imagination to our relationship.

I promise to keep myself open to you and to let you see through the window of my personal world into my innermost fears, feelings, secrets, and dreams. I promise to grow along with you and to be willing to face change together in order to keep our relationship alive and exciting.

Finally, I promise to love you with all I have to give and with all I feel inside in the only way I know how ~ completely and forever.

All these I promise, if you would make me the proudest and happiest man alive by accepting me.

Wed 02:45:31 AM EDT Nov 12 ~*destinee*~Ab*~ . . . *smiling listening to Sir U's words to angy...*

Wed 02:45:43 AM EDT Nov 12 HB . . . *watching angy's reaction to Sir U's words....*

Wed 02:48:19 AM EDT Nov 12 Sabretooth . . . Wow, that was moving!

Wed 02:48:20 AM EDT Nov 12 Sir U . . . *Waiting on bended knee*

Wed 02:50:01 AM EDT Nov 12 Sir U . . . *Still holding angy's hand, looking up in to her eye's*

Wed 02:50:57 AM EDT Nov 12 HB . . . Sir U: Be patient! It took you ten minutes to type your talk -- give her a little time! *smile*

Wed 02:53:24 AM EDT Nov 12 angy . . . Sir U..... *tears coming to my eyes as I listen to your words* *my love for you washing over me* My love....I would be proud to accept you to have you by my we travel the path that is in front of us ...hand in hand......... following our dreams....growing together so that the two of us become better, stronger as a team than as individuals...

Wed 02:56:08 AM EDT Nov 12 ~*destinee*~Ab*~ . . . *smiling at angy...*

Wed 02:59:36 AM EDT Nov 12 Sir U . . . *Wiping a tear from my eye* *Softly kissing your hand* My love, you have made me the happiest man alive. I give to you; Holding up a Mythral Silver Necklace ~~S*U~~, this token of my never ending love for you. *Rising to my feet, kissing you passionately upon the lips*

Wed 03:01:29 AM EDT Nov 12 ~*destinee*~Ab*~ . . . *smiling at Sir U and angy...congratulations...*

I am off to bed good night*

Wed 03:02:34 AM EDT Nov 12 HB . . . *smiling at angy and Sir U* ... congratulations!

Wed 03:03:11 AM EDT Nov 12 ~Kathy~ . . . Sir U and angy congrats.

Wed 03:03:54 AM EDT Nov 12 Sir U . . . Thnx ~*destinee*~Ab*~ *s*

Wed 03:04:43 AM EDT Nov 12 Sir U . . . Thnx HB *s* Thank you ~Kathy~ *ws*

Wed 03:04:45 AM EDT Nov 12 angy . . . Sir U *shaking softly* *returning your kiss* Will you put it on for me?

Wed 03:05:45 AM EDT Nov 12 angy . . . thank you everyone *smile*

Wed 03:11:01 AM EDT Nov 12 Sir U . . . *Standing behind angy, my right hand sweeping her hair to hang softly down the left side of her face, my arms circling around her waist, slowly raising my hands up her body, necklace in hand, fastening the clasp, allowing the necklace to hang gently down across her breasts, turning my baby around, kissing her passionately upon the lips*

Wed 03:14:24 AM EDT Nov 12 angy~~S*U~~ . . . *whiping the tears from my eyes* *returnning your kiss*

Wed 03:16:06 AM EDT Nov 12 angy~~S*U~~ . . . [Sir U] baby....I love you........ *smile*

Wed 03:16:16 AM EDT Nov 12 ~*destinee*~Ab*~ . . .[angy~~S*U~~]*hugs... grinning cuz you are as flowery as I*

Wed 03:17:17 AM EDT Nov 12 Sir U . . . *Lifting angy in to my arms, carrying her down from the bar*

Wed 03:18:01 AM EDT Nov 12 witchy bitchy SeaGirl . . . *nice to see a little romance in the pub....some "sweeping" being done....smiling*

Wed 03:18:11 AM EDT Nov 12 angy~~S*U~~ . . . [~*destinee*~Ab*~]thanks hon..... *smile* sleep well....... *hugs*

Wed 03:19:37 AM EDT Nov 12 angy~~S*U~~ . . . *stays in Sir U's arms* *grins @ SG*

Wed 03:21:34 AM EDT Nov 12 angy~~S*U~~ . . . [Sir U]baby like my new look? I know i do.....*smile*

Wed 03:21:51 AM EDT Nov 12 Sir U . . . *Kisses angy on the cheek* What would my baby like to do now?

Wed 03:23:05 AM EDT Nov 12 Sir U . . . [angy~~S*U~~]Baby, I love the new look... I am still admiring you... I love you so much.

Wed 03:23:39 AM EDT Nov 12 angy~~S*U~~ . . . Sir U..... *giggle* has all kinds of ideas.....

Wed 03:25:09 AM EDT Nov 12 Sir U . . . What might those ideas be baby?

Wed 03:26:18 AM EDT Nov 12 angy~~S*U~~ . . . *blushes*....Sir U...must I spell it all out?

Wed 03:28:33 AM EDT Nov 12 Sir U . . . No baby, you can whisper it in my ear...


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