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I gave this page a much needed facelift. I renamed it because playing the trumpet is for girls too!. I appoligize to anybody I may have offended. I also added a few new tabs and at last a fingering chart. I would like to ask (beg is more like it) anybody who has done or can do trumpet tabs to send some in. They don't even have to be ska. I've gotten a request for some Less Than Jake. If you can submit anything send it to
A bunch of new tabs. But the tabs that where sent to me over the summer where lost in a hard drive crash. So please re-send me the tabs you've made. Theo
I started this page because of recent third wave of ska. More people have started playing brass instruments (trumpet, trombone, cornet, etc.) and starting ska bands because of the new wave of ska bands. This page is here to teach people how to play trumpet and get some tabs. I would like to request that people send in some tabs so I can fill up my crappy collection. If you can submit anything send it to
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Getting To Know Your Trumpet

There are basically two kinds of trunpets, standard size and student size. A standard size trumpet is a exactly like the student size but about 3 inchs longer.

Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece is not part of the trumpet itself. It can be removed. This is where you put lips.
Valve casings: This is where you hold the trumpet with your left hand.
Ring: This is where you put your left pinky.
Water Key (AKA The Spit Valve):Spit which forms inside the trumpet is released this way. You open the valve and blow in the mouthpiece (OVER THE SINK!) to get the spit open. Do this if you sense some weird sounding notes coming from your trumpet and after playing.If your in music class or where there's no sink just do it on the floor no one will give a fuck.

Playing You Trumpet

Buzzing & Forming The Embouchure
Unlike woodwinds (sax,clarinet, etc) you buzz into brass instruments. If you can make fake farts with your lips you can buzz into a trumpet.
Forming The Embouchure
The Embouchure (Om-bi-sure) is the the way you postion your lips. The key to forming a good embouchure is to put your lips together as if you where saying the letter "m". The sides of your lips should be firm but the centre should relaxed.
There are three different embouchures. The "middle (aka second,natural)", "low (aka first,loose)", and "high (aka third,tight)". The embouchure stays the same, the tension is all that changes. In middle embouchure is not loose, and not tight, it's middle. In "low" your are some what loose, the notes you play should be low. In "high" you lips are pretty tight, the notes you play should be high.
Fingering Chart

I'll add some more soon.
The Complete Reel Big Fish Trumpet Book
O' Canada
About A Girl (vocals); Nirvana
Date Rape; Sublime
The Harder They Come; Rancid
Bingo; Childrens Song
Come On Eileen; Save Ferris
Chick Magnet (main bassline) by MxPx
Old McDonald Had A Farm
Take On Me; Reel Big Fish
Just A Girl; No Doubt
Baker Street; Foo Fighters
Come On Eileen;Save Ferris (correction)

Master Of Puppets (Metallica>
Sesame Street Theme
Spam ; Save Ferris
Take On Me ; Reel Big Fish (correction)
Under 21; Save Ferris
World Is New ; Save Ferris
Save Ferris Trumpet Book
My Heart Is Yearning ; NoFX
We Are The Knuckle Heads; Bloodhound Gang
Zoot Suit Riot ; Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Mr. Pinstrip Suit; Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

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