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You have come to the right place
Official Eddyism Followers Rules

Okay, you have come to the right place. You have made Eddy proud! There are only 2 rules to being an official follower.

1) Follow Eddy's rules!
2) Place a link to Eddy, to spread the good word!

Cut and paste this and put it somewhere on your homepage, then e-mail me and tell me that you have added it and soon, you will be official!

<*a href = "">
<*img src = "">

You need to remove the *'s

If all goes well, it should look like this

[Main] [Sign G-Book] [View G-Book] [About Me] [Page Me] [Links]
[Eddy] [My Blink Page] [Pulp Fiction] [Reservoir Dogs] [Jackie Brown]
[True Romance] [Clerks] [Chasing Amy] [Trainspotting] [Desperado] [People vs. L Flynt]