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My Top 20 Fav Movies
1Pulp Fiction 11U-Turn
2Reservoir Dogs 12Things to do in Denver when your dead 
3Out Of Sight 13The People Vs Larry Flynt
4Chasing Amy 14The Usual Suspects
5True Romance 15The Big Lebowski
6Clerks 16Fargo
7Shawshank Redemption       17Trainspotting
8Mallrats 18Grosse Pointe Blank
9Jackie Brown 19Spam
10Natural Born Killers 20Killing Zoe

My Top 20 Fav bands
1blink-182 11ten foot pole
2unwritten law 12homegrown
3river fenix 13dance hall crashers   
4less than jake 14agent 51
5mxpx 15frenzal rhomb
6carter peace mission     16fugazi
7reel big fish 17The Classified
8face to face 18 no use for a name 
9goldfinger 19limp
10buck o nine 20nofx

My Top 20 Fav Actors
1Samuel L Jackson     11Mike Myers
2Steve Buscemi 12Tim Robbins
3Tim Roth 13John Travolta
4Kevin Spacey 14Eric Stoltz
5Sean Penn 15Christopher Walken    
6Edward Norton 16Bruce Willis
7Jason Lee 17Jim Carrey
8Ving Rhames 18Andy Garcia
9Woody Harrelson 19Harvey Keitel
10Ben Affleck 20William H. Macy

My Top 20 Fav Actresses
1Patricia Arquette 11Julie Delpy
2Joey Lauren Adams     12Liv Tyler
3Elizabeth Shue 13Rene Russo
4Denise Richards 14Kim Basinger
5Salma Hayek 15Drew Barrymore
6Heather Grahm 16Claire Danes
7Elizabeth Hurley 17Jennifer Love Hewitt    
8Bridget Fonda 18Juliette Lewis
9Uma Thruman 19Katie Holmes
10Jennifer Tilly 20Rose McGowan

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