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I have no idea why I have this many fucking pictures on here, but I was real bored one night, so I said what the fuck. I think I say that a bit too much, oh well, here we go.

I was 4 days old here
I was old here, like at least 6 weeks
Me when I was 2 holding my newborn sister
Me the first time I got arrested
Wanna see me naked?!?
1st birthday pictures!

Me just clowning around
Check out the hair!
me just like... standing there
Gotta love the shoes, you know you had them too!
Do I look like I know what I am doing?
Maybe I did know what I was doing?
Check out them pearly whites!
Happy Birthday to me!
What the fuck am I up to?
What a dork I am
I am an original gangsta!
Could I pull off the haircut?
I could do it all, even skate
Oh yeah, I was a cubscout too!
Chew gum much?
Reebok and I, bored on the couch
Yep, I could even golf
what a tard

Me in my room
My senior picture... the last time I was clean shaved...
Yeah, take that!
My eyes are as read as my UL shirt!
more recent pictures in other categories

My family when I was super young
Mommy, Melissa, Daddy, and Me
Once again, mi familia
Sister (Melissa), and I
Same shit as last one
The parental units
My father and his parents...Grandpa is a bad ASS... just look at him!
Alyssa and I
Me, My father, and John... In Vegas
My sister... but if you look close you can see me plotting to drop a couch on her!
My grandma and me, a long time ago
Look at what a sissy I was
My sister and I at Sea World
Hey, that looks familiar, me not getting my way!
Get off of my chair!
You have to love Santa Claus!
My mommy and me after I finished 6th grade
What a couple of dorks

That would be me and my friend John
This is John doing his punk look
This is how John prefers to look on weekends... we call him Juanita
My friend CJ.... the cowboy...
My friend CJ.... the cowboy...again
My friend Jessica
CJ, Jessica, and myself
CJ, John, and me
Me, Jess, and CJ
Jessica, CJ, and I
Me, Jessica, and John
John, CJ, and Me
John and Jess, with me in the background
This is the coolest picture I have ever seen... It is Heather
Heather kicking a little ass
Me and my old friend James, check out the stashes

My doggy, Nike
Nike again...awwww
Nike again...awwww again!
My retarded, but very cool cat Reebok
My also retarded and not as cool cat Barkley
My grandparents dog Tanya... quite the badass!
Nike as a cute little baby puppy dog
Nike and a baby reebok

The wall of my old room in my first apartment.
This is what my house looks like.... or something...
John's cool cousin... check out the finger, they learn at a young age!
Sweet home San Diego
My home away from home, Del Mar Horse Track
My sister and I in my room way back in the day
Fire on the mountain somewhat close to my house, but not very close