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Hey Kiddies! I got some cool lyrics for you!

Aren't you gonna smile at me?

I can only play so much guitar
video games go just so far
I grab a book and read
until my eyes are closed and i'm asleep
and i dream of someone
to pick my heart up off the floor
and i wake up alone once again
feeling an emptiness from within
i know it's tough to find a girl
who's brighter than my television
the only one i want
well she shines like a star
and i used to leave my room
to find a girl with a brain
but every single girl i'd meet
was either stupid or insane
I know that she's out there
but i don't know her name
you, you're like a book in ancient greek
how'm i supposed to read
your signs are so mixed up
that i don't even know when you're asleep
i need a translator
when you tell me good night
and i've liked you for so long
i fear i'll never belong
to the exclusive group
of anyone you've ever called your boyfriend
i bet none of them
ever wrote you a song
last night you won't believe the dream i dreamt
so incredible it had to be
but i don't remember ever waking up
and i know i never fell asleep
i think i know her name
and i think she knows mine

- Carter Peace Mission


When I think about her, I just getting down.
Knowin that she doesent want me around.
Maybe if she would try, things would work out.
But I know thats its useless to maintain
this state of hopelessness cuz when I see her
she said shes got better things to do!
Masturbations left me alone.
I cant even talk to myself in the phone.
Maybe if she would try, things would work out.
But I know that its useless to think that
Shed love me cuz she is a stupid bitch,
and she said shes got better guys to do.
My heads spinnin around, I cant think about it.
Maybe Im someone she cant understand

- Homegrown

21 Days

My mind wanders as I'm trying not to fall in love with you
'Cause every time I awake I ponder on my mistakes of
What I said, it is always my esteen that I sure lose
Playing those stupid games as I always end up chasing you

I can't help myself anymore
Rehearsing my thoughts as I'm too scared to come to your door
I pushed it all aside just to stand next to you
But now you won't talk to me for something that I didn't do

It's not gonna work

And I'm trying not to think of you
I'm all confused as I think of the things that I would do
I'm all shook up as I get all nervous inside
My emotions are something that I will always hide

- Blink


I never said a thing to hurt you
It's what I didn't say that made you cry
And in all honesty I never would've deserted you
I never dreamt that you would say goodbye
I'll close my eyes tell another lie
Think of yesterday think of everything you said
There's nothing left to say
It's just another day Without you here
And it seems a long ont time Since you went away
and I fear I'll dream another Dream about you

- River Fenix

Gather Round

Your right, I should fight
and jump around tonite
but I got no will left. this place took it all
win, lose, take a walk in my shoes
tell me, which side would you end up on?

Gather Round - Won't let em stomp us to the ground
its just another fantasy - Gather Round
Gather Round - better get up or stand down
its just another fantasy - Gather Round

don't you even try to tell me
whats goin on around me
I got my own eyes I can see
no time for discrimination
no racial segregation
no right, no wrong, just you and me

been tryin to find a reason to live my life
its only gettin harder just to get by
but I know if we gather round it'll be alright
you see the only way to get things done
the only way to do it is to act as one
so get up now
the battle's just begun

- agent 51

I'm Gone

it's late and i'm tired, worked all day long
i waited for your call, i fell asleep
its been like this for weeks, no hope for change
you pretend not to care, convinced you dont

its never easy in the end
well i know ill get it right sometime
and ill be honest with myself
no point in saving a dying love

when you realize that im never coming back again
do you change your mind? do you realize.....that im gone

speak to me so softly, so i can hear
you confess your feelings, its much to late
left with stress and depressed, silent drive home
im looking right through you, like youre not here

its never easy in the end
well i know ill get it right sometime
hard to figure out the truth
no point in saving a dying love
when you realize that im never coming back again
do you change your mind? do you realize.....that im gone

- The Classified


When you talk about tomorrow
I'm not sure about today
When you tell me that you love me
What am I supposed to say?

Sometimes I don't feel
The same way as you feel

Words like forever
They scare the shit out of me
Maybe I'm afraid of commitment
Maybe you're too distracted to see that

Sometimes I don't feel
The same way as you feel

I think of all the things I'd say to you if I had the chance again
I think of all the things I'd scream
But I think it's for the best
That you and I just don't connect and
Things are never quite what they seem

Will there ever be
Someone to give her heart to me
Or would I be to blind to see it

I wouldn't make a sound
I'd keep it underground

It always seems like I'm running around around
Running around around

Sometimes I don't feel
The same way as you feel

- Blink


Well look what I have found in this sinful place
Searching around for a better way
Come across something I left behind long ago
Finally realizing what I left behind is what I'm looking for
And why is it nothing seems right
My minds not on her tonight
It's happening again
Trying it all again
How can I go wrong
Trying to play the game but its been so long
I guess I'll never know just what she sees in me
And now she realizes that I'm not the same person I used to be

- River Fenix


not long ago there was a time
when everything would blow my mind
then i'd learn a bit more
then i'd learn a bit more
it cancelled everything i learned before
i said hey! i don't know what i'm doing
should i plan on my class reunion?
i've been working on a vision of clarity
this is how it boils down to me
anything is possible
anything and everything
when i was nineteen i thought
i'd seen everything i was gonna see
then i'd see a bit more
then i'd see a bit more
it cancelled everything i'd seen before
i said hey! i thought i knew it all
i was setting myself up for a hell of a fall
writing down my philosophy songs
there's one that still holds strong
with everyday that goes by
the less and less i wonder why
because i've seen them rise
and i've seen them fall
but i'll never claim to have seen them all
i said hey! i ain't seen a thing
you never know what tomorrow will bring
i've been working on a state of mind
brace yourself for the ride

- Buck O Nine

Jolly Green Dumbass

Well all the things I've said
To try to make it work
Have all been misunderstood
Everything was taken the wrong way
and now you're making things so hard
Now when you think of me
You get bent outta shape
Pissed off at all the choices that you've made
Everything is going the wrong way
And its making thing so hard
You always kick and scaream so hard
What can I do to calm you down
Why do you make things so hard
You gotta stop sneaking around
I guess for you a new life has begun
I'll sit at home and watch reruns
So I'ts gone all the time
What difference does it make
Togetherness doesn't seem to amount to anything
Everything is all screwed up
And now I'm making things so hard
Sometimes I think about the way it used to be
You're not the same person that you started out to be
I haven't talked to you in days
And I guess it's not so hard

- River Fexix