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These are the sites that I have come across that I feel are definately worth a stop by just to say hello. Please wait for this page to load. If not, you may miss some great sites!

The Movie Ring

This Movie Ring site
is owned by .

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Trixy's page...she is cool

Trixy's page...Punk Music, Snowboarding, Poetry, and an all around cool person... check out the page, you will enjoy it.

Knights Realm...This is a great site which features some of the dark knight's poetry, a few of his favorite chat rooms, some HTML help and more.

The Devil's page...This page has links to cool bands, and it is dedicated to all of those hard working Southern California Tweekers!


Denise's page
Jesse's page
Swinko's page
Brooksie's page
Aaron's page

Cool Band's homepages

Blink 182
Buck O Nine
Less Than Jake
Unwritten Law
River Fenix
Carter Peace Mission
The Aquabats
The Classified
Reel Big Fish
Dance Hall Crashers
Sprung Monkey

Cool free things

Hotmail - Free E-Mail
Angelfire - Free Homepages
Mailcity - Free E-Mail
Rocketmail - Free E-Mail

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