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I wanna be like an aquabat

I can only supress my feelings for so fucking long
Maybe I'll explode before I finish this song
Life is too God Damn short, don't let it slip away
All this shit I know, but this game I cannot play
I wake up every morning thinking today will be the day
Maybe today I will finally be able to walk away
I will walk away from being so fucking shy
Nope not today, I'm still the same lame ass guy
I want to change, I want it so fucking bad
I want to be like an aquabat, you know, super rad
My emotions, my feelings, my thoughts and my life
All stuck inside me as sharp as a knife
Its all bottled up, it will never come out
All the stupid shit in my life, I want to scream and shout
Everyone else can say what they want
They can express themselves with any size font
I want to voice my opinions without a second thought
Someday maybe I will, but then again, maybe not

A Life Without You

I never want to know a life without you
I have been without you for too long
I have spent too many years without you
Sitting alone in my room watching Cheech and Chong

I never want to know a life without you
You mean the whole world to me
I want to hold you tight in my arms forever
And cuddle with you underneath a tree

I never want to know a life without you
You're sweet, kind, funny, nice, and hot
I think about you non-stop all day long
I am so thankful that you are going to give me a shot

I never want to know a life without you
With you I want to share my life and my time
There is nothing that I wouldn't do for you
I would give you my very last dime

I never want to know a life without you
You're special, cute, caring, pretty, and smart
I know I never want to be without you
Once we're together, can we never be apart?

A long time ago

You ever wonder
what life would be like
if you didn't fuck me over?

Would we still be together
madly in love
or were we destined to be apart?

I'm sorry if I left the seat up once
picked you up a few minutes late,
or didn't say what you wanted to hear

It didn't have to end like that
you could have let me know
That I was not meant for you

I was young and naive back then
I know so much more now
I know I am better off without you

Lit Class

I don't want to be here today
I should have just stayed in bed
sitting here in class sucks
The professor is trying to put shit in my head

Maybe I should get up and leave
but that would bring attention to myself
to get rich you gotta stay in school
can I just sit here and improve my wealth?

sitting in this class really sucks
I don't want to be edumacated today
sitting here bored off my ass
I want to go to beach and play

maybe it's not this class that sucks
I know this poem is awfully bad
I wonder what the professor would think
do you think he would get really mad?

The class is one sixth over by now
Do you think it will ever end?
The class can't be as bad as this poem
Do you think it will ever..... be done?

Girls are mean

mxpx said it best
she pulled his heart right out
she is not the only one
that makes guys scream and shout

many a guys have been shot down
they must not drive a nice car
it's so hard to meet a nice girl
you certainly won't find one in a bar

and for the poor nice guy
he wins a horrible curse
because girls want an asshole
or maybe someone even worse

once you think you found the one
you beter not fuck anything up
cause she will leave for another dude
faster than a druggie can piss in a cup

I know of a special girl
who is as perfect as perfect can be
although she may not be mine
she gives plenty of hope to me

not all girls are mean
and most guys are fools
I don't know too much
except that Abby is cool


I love falling asleep with you on my mind
I dreamt about you last night
In my dream we were so close
Once again you looked out of sight

Upon waking up I was pretty up-set
I woke up alone once again
Waking up without you
leaves me with an empty feeling within

I can't wait to wake up
with you by my side
or fall asleep next to you
while we watch the high tide

Abby, my sweet beautiful angel
you mean so much to me
my dreams with you are so great
but they are nothing compared to how it will be