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Featherly wings,
A white gown so high.
A glimmering halo....
How soon will you fly?

Long flowing hair,
A smile so clear,
Those eyes that sparkle brightly,
Are mine for this year.

You've fallen from heaven,
Into my embrace
I love to gaze at
the smile upon your face.

To hold you so gently,
And always hold you near
A life lived without your love
is the hell that I will fear.

Your voice so melodic,
As you sing me a lullabye.
My angel from Heaven,
The tears just fill my eyes.

Happy and excited,
My heart skips a beat,
Every moment we're together,
You knock me off my feet.

My "angel baby" sweetheart,
I'll always hold you near.
My love will last forever.....
For all of forever's years.

Author: Vincent Paul Gonzales

Happy Birthday Baby!

How is my beautiful angel on her birthday? Perfect I hope! You mean so much to me Abby, hope you know. I hope you are having an excellent birthday. I wish I could spend today with you. I hope we spend the rest of your birthdays together. Remember, we are on for Vegas one year from today! I love to imagine what we will be doing a year down the road. I have no idea what we will be doing, but I know we will be doing it together. I got into trouble for those pictures I sent you. Jessica wanted to see them and CJ told her I had them. I told them I must have lost them while I was moving. Jess said she will come pick them up when I get back from Vegas cause I will have found them by then. Ah-well. I really hope you like everything I got you. I really love what you got me. I have been listening to the descendents album all day today. You make me so wonderfully happy Abby. I absolutely love everything about you. I have never felt closer to anyone before. You are a wonderful person and so very beautiful. I am the luckiest man alive. Have an excellent birthday angel. You truly are my angel Abby.


Made for my perfect beautiful angel