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Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal 2, the sequal to one of the "Greatest Hits", Twisted Metal. There are 14 characters(including the 2 secret bosses Minion and Sweet Tooth) going for the win at the annual Twisted Metal tournament. The graphics are good and the gameplay is excellent.They added more detail on tis one, more than the first. The bad thing about it is that when things are on fire or something is blowing up, it's hard to see what's going on. I think Twisted Metal 2 should be considered as one of the "Greatest Hits".

Secret Player

At the character select screen, enter the following for secret players


SWEET TOOTH: U, L1,triangle, R

Secret Stages

At the 2 player challenge stage select screen, enter the following for secret stages

Suicide Swamp: U, D, R, R1.

L.A. Rooftops: D, L, R1, D.

Cyburbia: D,U,L1,R1

Advanced 'Combos'

To do any of these combo's, you must have some green in your special weapons energy bar.

Jump: U, U, L

Shield: U, U, R (Lasts for 3 seconds)

Freeze Blast : L, R, U

Napalm Missile: R, L, U

Rear Attack: L, R, D

Mine Attack: R, L, D

Cloaking Device: R, D, L, U (Lasts for 3 seconds)

Minion's Special: Hold down R2 and press U, D, U, U (Works with every car ) [This takes the whole special energy, so use it wisely.]

Other Secrets

Bonus Life

Run over ten citizens on one level to recharge your health, fully.

Hong Kong

While riding the train in the subway at Hong Kong, choose a weapon to increase.

Exchange Weapons for Health

While playing enter: D, U, R, L, U, U, D, D