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Tomb Raider

It's the first ever Tomb Raider game and it stars the finest vidoe game chick Lara Croft. Lara starts out in the caves and goes through many puzzles, tombs, obstacles and enemies. You fight monsters like T-Rex, raptors, lions, wolfs, people, bats, and many other beasts. This game stars a woman and just because shes a chick doesn't mean she can't whoop some @$$. She's just as strong as anyone else. Well anyway I would give this game a 9 because it's is fun as hell. All the sudden intense music starts to play and the next thing you know a T-Rex comes around the corner and you blast it with your Uzi. The music gets you on the edge of your seat. Despite some polygonal errors this game kicks some ass. Thats why I give this game a 9.