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Sga Frontier is a must have for an RPG lover. If you like like RPGs and don't mind getting in battles all the time this game is for you. It features 7 different adventures and each adventure last about 15 hours of gameplay. Total, thats more than 120 hours of gameplay! Each of the adventures are different. You get seven lead chracters that you pick in the games outset.

Saga frontier is non-lininier. The difficulty of the game depends majorly on the chracters you pick. The graphics of the backgrounds aren'y all that great like Final Fantasy 7, but the music is good and the battles are neat. It also lacks FMV scences, but it is an original. You can link attacks with party members resulting in a spectacular combo! The battle system is unique and esspecially innovated. During battle you can cast some pretty neat magic spells that look like a spectacular light show. If you love RPGs or even just like them, you should go out and buy this game!