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Resident Evil Cheats

Cheats Cheats For Finishing the Game

If you finish the game in 2 1/2 hours or less on mission A and get a rank of A or B, you will get the rocket launcher with infinite rounds. On Mission B you have two options, if you finish the game with an A or B ranking and under 3 hours, you'll get infinite sub-machine gun. If you finish the game with an A or B ranking in under 2 1/2 hours you will get infinite rocket launcher sub-machinegun and the almighty gatling gun. Secret Characters Hunk

To get the secret character Hunk you must finish the game with Leon or Claire and be given an A ranking, the option to save you game with a normal character will come up and then after that the option to save your game with Hunk will appear. Tofu

To get Tofu you must finish the game six times and get Hunk while your at it. On the end of the fifth mission you must have an A ranking to get Hunk. Once you have Hunk you must finish his mission with an A ranking.

Change Costume/Get New Gun

Start a new game on normal mode, and don't pick up any ammo until you get to the Police Station. Run down the stairs Brad Vickers from RE will be there to greet you. The only problem is that he too is an undead creature of the night. Pump his ass full of lead and then inspect his body. You will find a specail key (make sure you don't pick up any ammo on the way otherwise the code won't work.) Use the special key on the lockers in the darkroom. You will find a new costume and new gun with Claire. Leon gets two changes of clothes which allow him to shoot faster instead of a gun, but I won't spoil the surprise by telling you what they are.

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