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NBA Shootout 98

He steals the ball... Breakaway down the court... A no look pass... A nifty spin move... Throws the ball up... then... then... then... he tomahawks the ball down shattering the glass. Playstation proudly brings to you an in your face smashmouth game when it releases its new thriller NBA Shootout 98. The game features such NBA stars as: the new rookie senation, Kobe Bryant, the loveable Dennis Rodman(yeah right!), the strength and intimidation of Shaq, and many more. Through the years the Shootout series has brought good graphics and exciting gameplay, but this year's Shootout has some terrible sound. The announcer is annoying as hell, and sometimes you know what's going on because the announcer is saying it and you can't see visually what's going on. Other than the annoying announcer and some diffuculties in the effects, the sound would be good. Out of a scale from 1 to 10 I would rate this game a 6.5.